• Tommy Maverick

    This controller is awesome and versatile. If you’re looking to buy one right now, definitely make sure you get the BASE II that was just released. It has a much nicer feel to the pads. This is a serious piece of equipment though… Feels a lot more substantial than a Launchpad for example.

    If you want to see what you can do with the BASE or BASE II definitely check out this video of me DJing on Traktor with the BASE and some other MIDI gear I had laying around 🙂

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  • Ben

    I’ve had the Cntrl:r for a year now, and have no regrets whatsoever, it has been baus.
    It’s versatile, and not limited to Ableton software. I can use it in linux progs like Hydrogen and Ardour, if I wish.

    That being said, I look forward to getting a Base

  • dazzle415

    Bought one because it looks awesome, returned it because it wasn’t awesome.
    Case was warped (bent it back to shape), faders were buggy at best, really not as responsive as you’d think. Humidity and temperature are a big factor. The Ableton template was fun but ultimately returned it because on of the faders kept sending midi data out. I’ll definitely check out an MK2 version.

  • Madfingaz

    Can I use this with Serato for live performances with Cue points, Effects and other?

  • Sephin

    Awsome Review ….
    Really like the Design and those small LEDS


  • B-Man

    Nice review. Curious about all the trashing in the comments. I agree that the Base in extremely well built and well thought out. I have had mine now for several months and could not be more pleased by the lack of limitations. The open design may require a little more brain power to work with but it give you unlimited possibilities with any number of software systems. While Livid may not have the advertising budgets of competitive controllers, that is not a reason to ignore the company. Like most I was debating between a Push and a Base, After several months with my Base the Push looks to me more like a toy with meaningful limitations. I could not be happier with my decision and it has nothing to do with price.

  • Devin Martin

    Does it have Ableton clip color feedback?

    • Ryan

      Nope, so in my opinion it’s a waste of money. Just spend an extra $130 and buy Push (B&H Photo; free shipping, too, last time I checked). Or wait for Novation to stop being idiots and make an RGB Launchpad. Most people I know just bought Push for use in session view, so I say “idiots” because I know they could sell an RGB Launchpad for $200, even $250, and most all of us would buy it over Push, as this is the only feature we’d desire in either unit.

  • Fraa

    When I saw the Base a while ago, I thought it looked like an Ableton Push look-a-like, which it is ofcourse (although the feature set doesn’t look as good). I ended up NOT buying it because of my previous Livid controller. I still have my Code V2, but for the last few months it’s been on top of my closet, in the dust. I just don’t like using it anymore, it’s a major pain in the ass. The problem is also that it was too expensive to get a good price for it now, people just aren’t interested in paying a few hundreds bucks for a used midi controller, so I feel I just threw away my money.

    Although it’s probably the most rugged controller I’ve ever had, I’m not sure I would buy another Livid controller, ever. From what I’ve read and experienced myself, their controllers are a bit too pricy considering the feature set, the buttons aren’t that good (on my code at least) and the editor software is a little bit of a joke. I’ve struggled many hours to get the editor software to work properly, sometimes it just doesn’t feel like it. The settings are sometimes not saved in the memory, cc or note settings go crazy and saving/loading a configuration is a bit flimsy.

    The controller itself feels good though (and by that I mean the actual housing), but the control on it don’t perform on the same level. I’ve noticed that the encoders just aren’t good enough, the have this “clicky” feeling too them and the values they output to your software aren’t very precise. You can change the encoder speed ofcourse, but only in increments the editor software allows you to. In other words, if you can’t find the right encoder speed in the editor that matches your taste (like me), you end up flipping between two encoder speeds that aren’t your thing, all the time. To say the least, it’s very annoying. The buttons on the Code are also probably the worst buttons you can have on a midi controller. They’re pretty soft and they have a very noticle click to them, you end up pushing a button 3 times before it actually triggers a midi signal, extremely annoying.

    When I first bought it, I was pretty exciting. I thought I bought a controller that last me a lifetime, not just because of the renowned build quality, also because of the layout of the controller itself. 64 push encoders & some buttons, sounded ideal as an addon in any midi situation. WRONG! Although they’re very sturdy and they can probably survive a lot of rough nights performing in clubs, they’re too expensive and the quality of the controls + the editor software isn’t good enough. I bet the Base is of higher quality, but once you’ve paid a lot of money for a Livid controller and you’re in a love/hate relationship with it, you’re hesitant to buy another one in the future. I’m just gonna stick to controllers of which I know that they are 100% my thing, with Livid controllers it’s just very subjective and that a big risk to take considering the money you pay for it. You better end up buying two or three other cheaper controllers and liking one them, instead of buying an expensive Livid controller which you might not like. You would also end up being stuck with it because no one is interested in a second hand controller that’s too pricy. I’ve learned my lesson!

  • Stewe

    Thank you guys for featuring my BASE mappings. Another cool .tsi coming soon 🙂

  • BenAtWork

    I have an Alias 8 by Livid. It’s the only thing like it out there, but some times the small shop vibe creeps through. Some of the faders just travel with a slightly different feel to the others. Also occasionally it will just refuse to play ball when plugged in, and replugging or even a computer restart will seemingly be needed. I haven’t however ever had any problems once it’s going. Also know that with Livid products you’re expected to be a little “in deep” on this shit. I.e. happy to forgo a nicely laid out manual for a developer talk focused wiki. That said, I still love it, it’s just made me a little more cautious before getting another one of their units.

  • wolfie

    great when they work 🙁 we ordered 2 and both have issues…

  • Flockido

    What resolution do the touch faders have?

    • prophetisaiah

      After buying one of these, i regretfully found out that the touch sliders only support about 11 distinct values. They support different modes so that you can get more precise, but forget about doing a smooth, full filter sweep or anything like that on this device. It’s really too bad – I am now looking into something with knobs. The only downfall of this device. Check out the other modes they have for the sliders: