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Mixcloud Site Redesign Enters Beta: Try It Now

London-based Mixcloud has announced a brand new version of their DJ mix sharing platform that’s launching into public beta today. On the design front, Mixcloud has refreshed the site’s structure, including a persistent audio player that follows the user around the site (like those found on HypeM and Soundcloud). There’s now a visually customizable user profile page, and Cloudcast pages that feature waveforms, colors, and prominent album art.

The new Cloudcast page design
The new Cloudcast page design

There’s also a new search layout that allows users to search tags, cloudcasts, and users concurrently – making it easier to find content instead of digging through each section individually.

A cleaner combo search page.
A cleaner combo search page.

Mixcloud is also promising a few extra features for the launch of what they’re calling “Mixcloud X” that aren’t in the beta yet, including continuous playback, a faster uploader, and more. We’re hoping they’ll consider building a Shazaam-like functionality that will take out the pain of time stamping mixes with the right track names – something that’s a headache for almost any DJ regularly uploading lengthy mixes to the site.

Try out the beta version of Mixcloud’s new redesign here.

What would you like to see in future updates to DJ mix sharing sites? Leave a comment below. 

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  • dj barbarossa

    beta is the beginning of the end ,,look at Myspace the moment it went beta everybody left !!!

  • Ian Wells

    Ive always been able to download mixes from the old site but the new site has a work around to stop access. For this reason, I’m out. Or more likely, for this reason, the Beta will be up and running with the old site shut down in a matter of weeks.

  • Anton

    I don’t get it, these site designs never pan out, if you listen to a mix, you don’t know what current track is playing. Could they at least highlight it or something in that direction.

    • Mat Clayton

      Its on route, we are showing some tracks already, but still have a few features to move over to the new site including this one.

  • Mozzy

    Podcast streaming would be nice 🙂

  • Still no MP3 download. 🙁

    • Dan White

      Unfortunately that’s pretty integral to their ability to exist and licensing structure. There aren’t any copyright takedowns on Mixcloud because they force you to identify the content in your mixes and actually pay the licensing fees for hosting that content as part of a mix.

      Being able to download copywritten content is a whole different transaction, which is likely much more expensive to buy for the rights for.

      • Thanks Dan, spot on.

      • Taffi Louis

        “There aren’t any copyright takedowns on Mixcloud…”

        Yes, there are. Depending on the artist and/or label. I’ve had a couple of my mixes pulled or be blocked from uploading on MixCloud, supposedly on copyright grounds. One mix in particular, I tried uploading there three years ago, yet the same mix has been up on SoundCloud ever since. And sometimes vice versa. A good friend of mine had his mix pulled from MixCloud and received a notice that it has been flagged because of a Human League track he used.