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  • flowirin

    i’ve had the mini in my voxoa c60 for about 8 months now, its as smooth as the day i got it and i love it. it is light (which suits my mixing style). If i flick it up to a finger stop, there’s a bit of bounce, so i don’t let go of it.

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  • ‘tron

    Dropped the PNP P in my S4 MK2 and it was easy as could be and well worth it. Took longer to unscrew the bottom panel than it did to install.

  • kebzer

    It looks nice and feels nice on a Z2 I tried a few weeks ago. But the price is a problem. It costs almost as much as the full version, but the longevity is still a question. Not from a built point of view (which I don’t doubt as inferior) but given the laws of physics and construction, there is fewer material to take the beating from the hands of a turntablist, i.e. I doubt it’s gonna last as long as a full one. Thus, the price should have been lower, around the 70-80 mark to make even for more frequent replacements. Still though, it’s a wicked product for the masses!

  • Bub

    Put it in a Handy Trax

  • chris

    nice innovation.
    btw: maybe we need more innovations to being happier.

    • sean

      the innofader really lacks tension adjust as crab scratching is not got any bounce/rebound to it and therefor is clunky, this is frustrating, but that aside it’s a great xfader.

  • akswun

    Love my innofader, specific for my djm909. The 909 had a great xfader to begin with and initially didn’t think I really needed the innofader. Boy was I wrong. Cut was either better(sharper) or comparable to the pio’s xfader. But feel wise, using the word ‘butter’ is an understatement. I’ve tried the dif1s and the Z2 which are similar but feels just a bit different, probably due to the shorter xfader. Dealing with CS at innofader has always been top notch albeit I purchased my innofader from an external source. But those affiliated with Innofader, be it Elliot or another minion, are always around in various DJ sites ready to respond to questions or complaints directly. Think Serato Forums but solutions faster results and an almost ‘no questions asked’ approach.

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  • Sandeep Kumar

    I’ve owned the original innofader, innofader pro, innobender (in my traktor s4), and mini innofaders in my Z2. The mini definitely feels different. There’s no tension adjust & the fader itself is a little lighter weight-wise as the stem is 4mm wide as opposed to the 8 mm for the other innofaders. They’re all good, but the mini just feels a little different