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  • ThePhanatik116

    Is there any chance that other DJTT stores will open in other states?

  • Keith Nieves

    This is awesome. So glad to live in the Bay Area to take advantage of this!

  • Brett Colllins

    If I do not produce at this time – planning on it – can I come out on the 26th?

    The shop hours on Wed. – Sat. can anyone come by to chill?

  • If you ever want to do something like this in NYC (which you should!) I’d gladly be involved in helping you guys getting that set up.

    • Right there with ya buddy. Im in NJ and actually, i can help you guys set this up for say a live Broadcast?

  • Sky

    This is awesome, I’m not too far from you guys.. But as someone who is extremely new to electronic production and the sorts, is this for me?..

    • Dan White

      Absolutely. Not only is it a great place to come and get your hands dirty on some gear and see what you like, but we’ll also be offering some classes soon that are appealing to beginners!

  • When are you guys comming to Amsterdam ?

    • Yeah please do this! (even though realistically, you probably can’t)

      Have you guys ever considered a 2nd office in Europe? (prefferably the Netherlands ofcourse ;D )

      • to get their feet wet with an EU office i would suggest partnering with a similar company that already exists over there. The alternate company can take on a bit of sales of DJTT products or treat DJTT products as GALLERY items by which the EU company gets a % of the sales. Meanwhile DJTT can keep pushing for extra staffing and in that particular instance they can target a sales / tech / help force located in Europe

  • Chaser720

    If you wanted to do this on the East Coast I totally wouldn’t mind. ha

    Also, is the equipment that is traded in going to make it to the website for resale?

    • Dan White

      Yep, the equipment traded in will be going into the B-Stock section. Follow us on Twitter @djtechtools so that you’ll know when we post new stuff in there!

  • see now this is a nice thing. a social website actually doing something SOCIAL, real, and physical. Not just a party but an offering of your talents, ideas, communal support and most importantly a way for US to meat EACHOTHER in person. Isnt that what being social is all about?

    I have an idea. How about once a month you hold a sort of debate or think tank for new technology ideas. Have tables setup (drafting type tables) where people can team up or pair off and see what kind of designs they can come up with instead of doing it SOLO at home alone?
    Also these types of meets i described above can get into group discussions of how certain technology currently works and how to make it work better for us as the users

    • Dan White

      The debate / think tank idea is pretty cool! I’ll add it to our list.

      • chris

        an Jour fixe with the ideas from each other – or the family – sounds pretty cool.

        • chris

          oh you, land of the guns and backward turning heads, i’ll kill yo

      • Thanks Dan. Glad you liked it. Id love to be a fly on the wall over that meeting…but i guess thats why SKYPE was invented HAHAHAH