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Rekordbox 3.0 Is Here: Rebuilt and Redesigned

Pioneer quietly suspended new registrations of their rapidly-aging Rekordbox software a few weeks ago, and today they’re launching the new version, Rekordbox 3.0. With completely rebuilt interface and functionality that serious working DJs should expect from a preparation software, this release is a big deal for CDJ users around the world. Watch the introduction video and read more about the new features inside.

  • Two Decks + A Crossfader: this perfect for trying out a mix, checking BPM – but we suspect perhaps it might be a hint at things to come from Pioneer? No reason why Rekordbox couldn’t be a full DJ software.
  • Match Function: This is something that we’ve seen crop up in different forms in various softwares (Virtual DJ and Traktor DJ for iOS both have track-suggesting capabilities in their libraries. Rekordbox’s Match is based on your feedback, though – you’ll have to mark two songs as working well together manually, and it’ll suggest the tracks the next time you make a mix.
  • Personalized Tags: Similar to Beatport Pro’s tagging system, set up your own list of custom tags for genres or moods and quickly mark your tracks with them.


  • Playlist Pallate (shown above): being able to see 5 playlists at a time is a major win over even iTunes. Moving songs back and forth between a bunch of your playlists will be a serious timesaver for DJs who play a lot of gigs and build a lot of different playlists every week.
  • Import/Export Speed and Analysis Improvements: Probably one of the most asked-for features was simply to address the amount of time that Rekordbox spends bringing tracks in and out of the software. This might seem trivial, but it’s about time it was addressed!
  • Complete Visual + UI Redesign: Again, a long-awaited improvement here – this includes things like colored waveforms and a clean preview interface, as well as waveforms in the library view and colored cue points.

Learn more about the new features of Rekordbox 3 (and download) here


    But rekord box 3 software Doesn’t record why is that and also can’t be used perfectly unless with a controller how come they say its made up in the likes of Traktor and virtual dj

  • qwerty

    already tested. even after using old serato or traktor, i think it’s useless thing, doesnt try compare a new version with this..X_x
    my language not well, but i hope my mind explained.

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  • V4 + CDJ + PLX1000 + Apple TV sized Black Box = Game Over. I’d love to show up at a club with my USB or SmartDevice/Laptop and not have to re-engineer the soundboard every time…I mean why translate for Traktor, Serato, Etc…when you can go for the Apple/iPhone style hardware/software takeover;) Ahhh…the war will be fun to watch!

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  • wrathb

    Promising software. But a few things I don’t like: forced to register account with Pioneer. No support for m4a lossless, had to select a pioneer player during installation.

    • brichi

      1. to get a license for any of their software you had to register unless you purchased the CDJs and it came with a key so 3.0 really isn’t any different.

      2. no lossless is supported? I haven’t checked, I use mainly AAC and AIFF

      3. you have to select a player so it knows which database type to export for, If they did not ask that then people would complain it doesn’t prompt you before the export, guess they can’t win on this one, LOL

      • wrathb

        Well, the thing is that I dont’t intend to use it with Pioneer gear. But fair enough your comments make sense. As for the lossless issues: all my stuff is in Apple Lossless. I convert to this format because I’m forced to by Apple. Flac doesn’t work in iTunes, AIFF takes too much space, as does WAV and also WAV doesn’t do ID3 or other meta info. In short: I just wish these companies were a bit more open i their approach to supporting formats.

  • Max

    Is it possible to open this program and from there drag and drop songs into Serato, Traktor or any other DJ software? Just thinking of the ability to have the 5 playlists open, lots of options.

    • brichi

      yes, you can drag and drop to and from Rekordbox to any other software, Of course the cue points and such will not come over but the songs obviously will. Theres also a program called Rekordbuddy for mac (soon for pc I believe) that lets you import and export between sera to, Traktor and RB

      • Phil

        Unfortunately, for Serato user, Rekordbuddy is only between Traktor & RekordBox. Do you know if there is another software with the same sync between Serato DJ & RekordBox?

        • brichi

          not yet but Rekordbuddy is coming out with a 2.0 version I believe “soon” that is for serato sync also

  • Has anyone used both Traktor and RB on the same computer for the same files? Any issues with that? My guess is, that if both software packages keep a separate collection files it should be OK. If they manipulate the files in other ways, for example, changing ID3 tags, issues may arise.

    Any insights welcome and thanks!

    • Jay Dizzle

      No, but there’s a prog called Recordbuddy. It converts traktor metadata so it’s recognized by record box

      • Thank you very much will check it out.

  • FireUrEngine

    Welcome to the controllerist world!

  • ????????

    As for me it is dead from the beginning. Do you remember m-audio? They also were having software with lock-in to their hardware. Where are they now?

    • brichi

      I guess Pioneer figured years ago that they are pretty much the main club decks so why not make software that you can simply walk into a club and plug a flash drive in. So far they are doing pretty well, a lot of guys have been leaning toward the ease of this on the 2000’s

  • enorjy

  • Scott Price

    it wont let me install 🙁

  • CUSP

    I thought RekordBox was supposed to be the Rosetta Stone of DJ software. I’d love to be able to set loop (and other) markers, set keys, add notes, etcetera, and have them translate from one software package to another… preferrably while maintaining the best grid and track stripe. In other words, I want to be able to only have to deal with my tracks one time and not lose the information every time I upgrade DJ software.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like that the new version of Rekordbox is able to handle auditioning tracks, but I heard nothing about the Rosetta Stone-like qualitities I came to like.

    • Bob

      I think you’re getting confused with Rekordbuddy, a 3rd party app that syncs between Pioneer’s rekordbox and traktor. Rekordbox is strictly for organisation & preparation of files to play on Pioneer CDJs.

      • LivinWaters

        Really preparation only! you can Only set Cue Points and loops in the software but there is no way to use them in the software… anytime you press a Cue Point or a Loop it stops the Track!! 🙁

      • CUSP

        Yeah, point well-taken. I guess I remember taking my tracks out of Itch into Rekordbox and into Traktor with Rekord Buddy… that was kinda’ cool. It seems that Pioneer is throwing away a perfectly good opportunity to seize a part of the market no one else seems to be claiming.

        I find myself lamenting that I can’t simply use one source, some “master database” for all of my music for use with my various DJ programs. If I want to transfer cue points and other brand-specific meta data, I’d have to manually re-process the tracks I’ve already prepared and that deters me from doing so. I’m sure other people consider this as well.

        I know Pioneer has Database translators (into Rekordbox only), but that doesn’t work for me and I’m actually deterred by the fact that the process only goes one way. In Rekordbox, if I make a change to my tracks, those changes won’t be reflected in my *existing DJ libraries* and I’ll have to manually re-enter those changes. I’m not willing to do that and I presume most people in my position feel the same so Rekordbox still remains a curiosity to most people simply because Pioneer has made their product user-environment-unfriendly.

        Should Pioneer actually handle the “any-library-to-any-other-library” process well, they could implement additional “advanced features”, optimized only for Pioneer brand controllers, therefore attracting more potential buyers to Pioneer while making track management synonymous with their brand. Most people remain brand-loyal once they find something they like and that works for them.

        These are things I know because I’ve been a Database Architect for a (U.S.) Fortune 500 company. I’d be glad to have a few words with Pioneer if they want to talk (or even head-up this project).

  • LivinWaters

    would like to manage my tracks in RekordBox and play them in Traktor… but you can`t drag and drop the Tracks from reckordbox …. Any Idea??? Thanxx

    • LivinWaters

      I really like the Rekordbox Surface!!!!!!!! So many features concerning Organizing Tracks that i always asked myself why traktor doesn’t implement them!!! But when it comes to DJìng i really Like Traktor!!! Big Dilemma!!! 😉

  • Dean Zulueta

    Could someone explain how Rekordbox is used? Who mostly utilizes the software? Is it a less used platform like Traktor, with midi capabilities? (Sorry for being so naive)

    • Phil Worrell

      Ok Rekordbox is Pioneers software for a bunch of their newer systems. It is not for use in Traktor / Serato or anything else. What it is good at is beat gridding, bpm , key detection and organisation of files and exporting them to a USB device to connect to pioneer equipment. Not all pioneer kit is compatible so check with pioneer first. A lot of big name DJ’s use this software as their management system for tracks. They can request on their ride the version of CDJs/mixer etc they want so they can just carry their music around on a USB stick and turn up with their headphones and one would presume a backup cop of their tunes. Hope that helps.

      • Dean Zulueta

        That was a perfect explanation! Thanks Phil!

  • Pa Po

    It seems that this is for CDJ players.. I only use an S4 will it still work or just stick with my Traktor?

    • anon

      This is for prepping tracks (adding cue points, tags, etc) to use on usb sticks (or over ethernet if your CDJ supports it) on a CDJ, it has absolutely nothing to do with actual DJ software.

  • Callum Davenport-Lambton

    The biggest news IMO is the software is now open source. Releases under an open source software license – LGPL2.1. Check about rekordbox yourself. They even have a link to the source code –

    We can actually see how it works, and hack it. Hopefully pioneer will make a way for a community to push features back into the main release.

    • Fredrik Yngström

      As far as I can see, they are distributing the source for the version of mpg123 they use in the application as per the LGPL license, and not the application itself.

    • CUSP

      Curious as to why they don’t team up with the team at Mixxx?

      • BelgianJungleSound

        cause dey wiv mixvibes innit

  • Oddie O’Phyle

    noticed the email this morning, had it installed before i saw this post. seems much better now. analyzed 1100+ tracks in about 20 mins… give or take. beatgrids were set fairly decently (a nudge or 2 either way, pretty close to traktor). visual waveform on screen was smooth and didn’t jump or clip. over all it seems they have cleaned up some of the loading and processing problems they have in the past and added a few extras to keep progressive.

  • Jakub Bezd?k

    But still is ready for Retina resolution on Macbook … Too Shame too Bad … But new redesign is beautiful and powerful 🙂

  • Luiz Zen

    Nice! Let’s try it out.
    Rekordbox beatgrid is already MUCH better than Traktor’s, hope they kept this as it was. 🙂

    • Esbeesy

      You’re joking right? I’ve spent ages making sure Rekordbox has gridded my tracks properly because it struggles with even the simplest four the floor beats.

      On the other hand, I can’t remember the last time I had to tell Traktor it was wrong. If there’s one thing Traktor does well, it’s beatgrid.

      • Bob

        The beatgridding on this new Rekordbox is brilliant. Way, way better than the old one and i’d go as far to say it is more accurate than Traktor now from my tests. It’s a great update so far.

      • Gavin Varitech

        Traktor is wrong at least one out of twenty times. But it is usually spot on.

        Never tested it with Rekordbox but people I know that use Sync on the 2000nexus’ say it is spot on too.

      • Luiz Zen

        I’m not joking at all.
        When you first analyze and load a track in Traktor’s deck, the grid is almost always slightly to the left or right of the actual beats. So that alone is enough for me to say that Traktor beatgrid is not good as you say.
        But there is also the fact that it is very difficult to make a grid sit perfectly on top of every beat. It seams that the grid spaces fluctuate throughout the track, like one grid bar is perfectly on the beat, and the next ones are slightly off, then getting on again some seconds later.

        In Rekordbox (even version prior to 3.0) the grid seems to be locked exactly on top of each beat. Difficult to explain. hehehe

      • it seems like the beatgridding in this rekordbox has improved. after running a bunch of tracks through it, they were spot on, as opposed to just slightly off with old version

  • maaraneasi

    Native Instruments, now its your turn…. We are waiting for Traktor 3 (….already waiting way too long…) 🙂

    • Phil Worrell

      Far too long…… What they waiting for Christmas…erhh probably….. 🙂

    • Gavin Varitech

      Technically Traktor 3 came out in 2007. No need to wait, its been 7 years! 🙂

      But what would a new version of Traktor include that you want?

      • Jay Dizzle

        Traktor Pro 3

      • LivinWaters

        – Being able to tag&Filter my tracks as I want! Similar to BeatportPro or RekordBox…
        – Group Similar Tracks together
        – Much Better Mapping Options

        – Rearranging Tracks!! either by Cut and Paste or by Cue points that automatically jump from one point in the Track to an Other…
        – More Options To Label Cuepoints… Color, shape ….


      Lolz cuz i use it too

  • Why not bring the full-colored waveforms to the CDJs as well? I bet they will make an upgrade to the Nexus-line which will be capable of that but not have that functionality on the old ones. Although they are perfectly capable of pulling that off?

    Hell I would have even implemented it for Traktor’s Advanced HID support for the CDJ-2000 Nexus if Pioneer’s protocol would allow it….

    • ????????

      This is computationally expensive task. Even with DSP that they using inside.

  • Mykansi

    Where is Traktor 3? ))))

    • Phil Worrell

      Still in it’s box at NI, Have you noticed NI are discounting everything over the past few months, trying to boost sales or clear the shelves for something new?

      • Oddie O’Phyle

        not complaining… just got komplete ultimate and the upgrade to maschine 2 for under $500. at that price i don’t mind if i have to upgrade it in a couple years.

    • Gavin Varitech

      Find a time machine and set it for 2007.

      • Luiz Zen

        auhauhauhauhauh good one. I think NI did very bad when naming Traktor 3 at that time. 🙂

      • i forgot what that looked like!

      • Still using this:-) Multi-column sorting, superior keylock/audio fidelity, excellent playlist management, OSC support etc.

      • kebabtoy

        Traktor 3 is actually from autumn 2005. I remember it well. It was when I bought my first macbook in summer 2005. But the MacBook had intel processor for the first time, so I had to wait until late autumn to use Traktor because NI had not gotten Traktor to work with the new intel machines.

  • Tina Sloan

    It technically already is a full DJ software. The same software house makes Cross DJ which looks like it shares some elements with the new Rekordbox. I bought it yesterday and its pretty solid.The beatgrid editing could use a tap tempo though…

    • Morgo

      No mix vibe logo. Pioneer build from ground up.

      • DJHessler

        It says clearly POWERED BY MIXVIBES:

        • Phil Worrell

          Correct Mixvibes creates the software for Pioneer.

          • Bob

            No, version 3 is made by Pioneer, not Mixvibes.

          • Jayson Joyce

            Its a combo effort. Pioneer and Mixvibes software guys. Pioneer didn’t want to start from scratch on basic features like beatgridding on V1, but more and more of it is Pioneer

          • Jane

            this was the reply when I asked a similar question this morning on the Mixvibes Forum

            “From the release version to now it was Mixvibes. From now it’s a different cook”

        • Bob

          That’s a screenshot of version 2 which was made by Mixvibes. Version 3 is made in house by Pioneer.

        • Callum Davenport-Lambton

          Check about rekordbox. the software license is now an open source software license and not mixvibes license. You can even download the source code direct from pioneer –

          • Fredrik Yngström

            No, the open source license (LGPL in this case) applies to mpg123, which they have used for Rekordbox 3, and that is what is available on the link you provided.

          • ????????

            No, fuck, no. It is not open source. They using some open source parts inside, and they have to open all changes that they doing to this parts. But the rest of it is closed source.

      • brichi

        exactly, It was asked before and the answer was “”It’s entirely in-house.”” meaning Pioneer built this from the ground up. Being they had to suspend license keys and no new ones were being issued i would have to assume there is now bad blood between the 2 companies and none of mixvibes code is used in 3.0