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  • jakestyles002
  • Kilian

    I am going to buy them fur sure, its a great gadget to play on a little party and its not that bad if the Tablet/iPad dies.

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  • forsure

    their advertising technique in the video should focus on the positive benefits
    and not resort to worse-case-scenario scare tactics:

    NOBODY wants a dozen nerds angrily staring at your balsa wood.

  • For those that missed it the first time around – this was 18 months ago: http://www.ionaudio.com/products/details/scratch-2-go

    • Dean Zulueta

      I actually did miss this. It seems reasonable that the company of the app comes out with the add ons. The obvious fact is they only will fit the for factor of the app but could be used in other apps, I’m assuming, if the mapping was built to scale. My questions would be, for both products, the overall responsiveness of the add on. This is something I personally would consider purchasing. I may not be ready to implement the iPad into my set but it still would be a cool gadget none the less.

    • Toontown

      I knew I had seen this before somewhere…

  • arianvp

    The concept is cool but i worry that the suction might not be strong enough when youre really crunching and flicking your FX. Would be horrible if the knob would just pop off during heavy use. But hey, im just speculating. Cant wait for a review.

    • Dean Zulueta

      That is a very true concern, especially with sunction cups. I’m assuming these guys have taken that concern into account and the reviews of the product when released will let us know how well they tackled it.

      Side note, this is something I worry about physical controllers as well. Many a time I have yanked off a knob due to my own excitement!

  • Scootmg

    Haha this is soooo the future… every one has always wanted modular controllers. Well there it is right under our nose… as touch screens get better and apps are programmed with these addons in mind… sky is the limit.

    As simple as it is… these guys are visionaries.

    • Unreallystic

      aye, I produce in reason and with all the knobs associated with the various built in synths, I’ve been wanting a way to make it more tactile. Using a touchscreen device seems to be the way to go.

  • killmedj

    Dope with a capitol D!!!!

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