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Video: Native Instruments Komplete Teases New Production Controller

The team behind NI’s Komplete family of instruments and sounds has just released a brand new video teaser hinting at something new that’s coming – and it’s not a new piece of software, but rather physical hardware. Watch the video below and then join us in the comments for some free speculation on what type of controller this might be.

What does this new controller look like to you? Let us know your thoughts (and present evidence by attaching screenshots) in the comments below. 

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  • Ted cole

    Can it be is frequented by many 15 year olds with too little pocket money???

  • Jake Bergeson

    So it’s basically Maschine Studio with keys instead of a 16 pad? Freakin lame. I’m pissed. Thanks for nothing NI…

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  • weslk

    Waiting for them to release a “Z4”! (Off-topic..)

  • mickyduck
  • DJ TeeOh “The Official”

    Yea, this article was a bit late on this.

  • Sam Parker

    My guess is that it’s going to be very similar to the Elektron synth machines. With a heavier emphasis on presets and choosing in advance exactly what parameters in a given path will be the ones you want to manipulate rather than wading through oceans of menu bullshit. If you don’t know about these machines, just go to Don’t get me wrong these things are on the bleeding edge of electronic music technology and are showing no signs of being surpassed anytime soon, AND they’re analog ;D, but user friendly they are not.
    BTW has anyone pointed out that looks suspiciously like a touchstrip above the keylights?

  • Sam Parker

    It’s here.

  • MR MIX

    someone should tell N.I. that the midi keyboard was invented in the 80s lol

  • Scott Frost

    I think NI had some other tricks up their sleeve.

    They seem to be doing an Apple – keeping control of their own hardware and software.

  • Dan Reade

    Actual feedback below the encoders on what parameters you’re controlling, the ability to move between different plugins from the unit and the RGB LED’s on the keys make this a win all day long! Let’s hope the mappings work as well as all the other NI products!

  • Dan Reade

    For all those saying this will just be another MIDI keyboard: in the same way that Maschine is just a MIDI drum controller yeah? NI don’t do “just another…” ;p

  • Kontrol S49

    Prices and everything

  • Kontrol S49

    Looks like the cat’s out of the bag.

    • ClubbingRock

      o.O Seems pricey as fuaarrrk to me considering I already own Komplete 8…. 🙁

  • Gabriel Martins

    NI should really invest in some turntables… They have Z2 for DVS and the best modular controllers on the market, now it’s time to make a NI 8000 with Traktor connection – just like Reloop’s – and they will surely dominate.

    • Oddie O’Phyle

      The Z2 has all the midi you need, no point in adding more midi to a turntable and having that table appeal to less people.

  • DJ Chronassuer
  • fade

    it was just a keyboard…now i can play “ode to joy” in my dj set

  • Vicky Mdlr

    Finally I can control my Komplete 9 Ultimate remotely ??????, thanks NI

  • M


  • x

    heres the future…

    • David De Garie-Lamanque

      so…. the future is essentially rebranding past innovations? reallly?! 😉

    • Oddie O’Phyle

      Meh… bought Live 4 and upgraded all the way to 7, dropped it for 8… I’m happy I switched to the NI package. I find it to be even more creative than Live in the simple fact that it is intuitive and the sampler in Maschine is a joy to use compared to ableton, not to mention everything in Komplete Ultimate.
      Besides, I really started to miss the DJ part of things as I started off with Techno vinyl in the mid 90’s. Traktor got me hooked as soon as I saw a stable kernal with the inclusion of the remix deck and the ability to export Maschine samples optimized for Traktor.

  • Christian

    Looks like theres another one… maybe? And Komplete 10!?

    • Oddie O’Phyle

      yep… S25, S49 and S61. komplete 10 should be around by christmas, if the rumours are true.

  • Jeff

    The unique thing here is the leds on the keys. My guess is they will light up to show you which notes are diatonic to the selected scale. That plus LED feedback knobs and this is, in fact, a step up from anything on the market currently.

    • Jacob Stadtfeld

      Probably will pull duty for a sequencer feature as well.

    • Dan Reade

      Hopefully these LED’s will be able to show keygroups in Kontakt as well!

    • genjutsushi

      my guess is that they are cell markings for use in Battery – so you can colour code your samples/keys. Probably also serve duty for splits on the keyboard in multi performance mode in Kontakt (i.e. Bass sounds on low notes, pad in the middle etc)

  • Oddie O’Phyle

    mmm…. shiny. for now i’ll keep using a multi touch monitor and my SH-201 for keys.

  • Sketch

    A keyboard to compliment the Maschine Studio… smart move. Yet still nothing for DJs. I also hope they don’t attempt to make a big deal about this controller upon release since it is, aside from touch-strips instead of mod-wheels, essentially just another MIDI keyboard.

    • Gavin Varitech

      What is missing from Traktor that you, as a deejay, are asking for?

      • Sketch

        A realistic price tag for controllers comes to mind first 😉 haha, but as a serious response I am a Serato and Live user so can’t really comment on what is personally missing from Traktor and its controllers for me, but I found the Mk2 generation of S4, S2 etc, to essentially just be RGB versions of the Mk1 controllers, while Serato has recently been bounding ahead in hardware developments. I don’t think I’m the only one who’s been watching Serato advance wondering what NI has to retaliate with, I’m sure it’s something and it surely must be good, but I’m surprised to see them doing their first big reveal in ages for a MIDI keyboard.

        • Oddie O’Phyle

          as it is now, serato is just catching up in the controller market (not that any of the hardware is actually an OEM unit from serato). the MKII model of the S4 is a lot cleaner in it’s build (as i am a person that usually voids warranties by opening things i shouldn’t). i am just wondering how an S4 at $900 is over priced when a Pio SZ is running $2000? remember this as well the S4 was capable of hosting DVS when it first debut in 2010… 4 years and still current.

          • Sketch

            I can see that part of the $2000 for a DDJ-SZ goes into Pioneer’s build quality as well as the sheer size of the thing, but I’m not going to defend it as I think Pioneer is easily guilty of over-charging just for their name! But I think the same applies at least in part to NI. And yes you’re right in saying the S4 is still current, but it won’t be for much longer if NI doesn’t make some bigger changes in their Mk3 controllers or brings out the mythical ‘S8’. Especially if LCD screens and perhaps touch-strips are to be expected from now on. You’re right in saying Serato was catching up to NI in some respects but now they have and they’ve kept progressing – NI needs to bring something new to the table if they’re going to do the same.

          • Oddie O’Phyle

            They have… and I love my Z2. The flexibility of this piece of hardware is exactly what I wanted. Whether I am using an X1, my cdj’s or turntables, it runs everything (Traktor enabled or not). No need for a laptop to route through software for my friends running Serato as the mixer is analog too.

          • Sketch

            I’m scared I’ve started a NI vs Serato argument here :/
            DJTT wrote a whole article on how the future of Traktor might look. I’m positive NI has something big up their sleeves, I’m just surprised their big tease now is another Komplete product even after all the S8 rumours.

          • Oddie O’Phyle

            Honestly, I’m under the impression that the S8 was just a typo as Traktor is only capable of using 4 decks at this point in time. It was about time that they did something for Komplete in a dedicated controller considering it has been somewhat of a flagship for about 10 years now.

          • jay-z

            I think a better comparison is the $999 SXmk2 vs. the $799 S4. I think it’s a matter of preference. I too, am tired of waiting for NI to release something new, and jumped at an SZ just a few days ago. I still, however, have my Traktor setup, just in case…

          • Oddie O’Phyle

            i was just comparing the highest model of controller, to be fair to sz does have the advantage having dual soundcard, but does a secondary soundcard really justify an extra $1000? the only thing that you get for the extra $200 in the SX is an XLR connection.

          • jay-z

            good point.

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  • Esbeesy

    Admittedly, when I saw this flash up I thought they’d released a Maschine Studio 2 with a keyboard, was about to get MEGA pissed, but it turns out, it was exactly what every Maschine Studio owner could want. I’m getting the impression this is designed to be used alongside Maschine Studio and Komplete. Very wise move from NI.

  • Prof_Strangeman

    This is cool. I’m sure the keyboard will be nothing special (or it might have a sound interface. That’d be cool.) but it’s nice to see them making a bundle for new guys who just want to get started.

  • Kontrols25

    Check it

  • Kontrols25

    Kontrol S25

  • Lawrence Nichols

    What! IS! THIS???