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Komplete Kontrol S-Series Keyboards: Exclusive First Look Video

Teased last week, Native Instruments has released a brand new line up of hardware for their Komplete Suite, the S-Series. These keyboards are designed to be an integrated solution for production, opening up a large amount of control similar to how the Maschine hardware works alongside its software companion. Watch our exclusive first look video that we shot when NI visited DJTT headquarters last week inside along with all the details on this exciting new line of keyboards.


The S-Series packs a few serious hardware features that bring them above and beyond the traditional MIDI keyboards, including:


  • Komplete Browser – tag-based access to all KOMPLETE Instrument presets from one plug-in interface. Instead of browsing by instrument, users can now search by sound


  • Native Map™ technology – automatically maps all key parameters for each KOMPLETE Instrument to the touch-sensitive controller knobs – all clearly visible on the keyboards’ Clear View™ display. Each instrument was carefully mapped by NI sound designers to arrange the most relevant parameters on pages laid out on the keyboard’s display.


  • Light Guide:  shows key switches, zones, and more on multi-color LEDs positioned just above the keys, and also provide performance feedback – scales, chords, and arpeggios light up across the keyboard as they are played.


  • Smart Play:. Chord mode lets producers play complex chords with single keys. Chord Set mode provides ready-to-play progressions that can inspire and augment original compositions or add new flavor to remixes. The integrated scale mapping features deliver fast access to new melodic possibilities – notes of the currently selected scale light up on the Light Guide. Many widely-used musical scales can also be mapped to the white keys.


  • Touch Kontrol: Touch strips in the place of traditional mod wheels mimic the behavior of pitch and mod wheels, and physical objects like springs and bouncing balls for interesting modulation curves


NI is also announcing a new version of their software instrument suite, Komplete 10. The new software comes with three new major synths, along with a number of additional devices. Check out the full update on the new production tools on the official Native Instruments page here.

The S-Series keyboards are available online and in retailers October 1, 2014 – with the S25 priced at $499 / 499 €, S49 for $599 / 599 € and S61 for $699 / 699 €. Komplete 10 is available for $499, or you can update from an older version for $199. 

Support DJ Techtools and preorder the S25, S49, and S61 on the DJTT webstore.
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  • jess

    so without Komplete 9 or 10 … this keyboard is completely useless?

  • Quick Feature Question

    Can you split the sounds on the board and play two or three different presets?

    Maybe, seperate the different presets by assigning a different color with the light guide?

    Or do you have to open one sound or preset and stick wth that for all the octaves?

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  • Tracks To Wax

    I had a play on the S49 at BPM in the UK, hopefully my review will be useful for people thinking about buying one

  • John

    I think the only good comment here is


    I will wait for a pricedrop…

  • John

    I think the only good comment here is


    I will wait for a pricedrop…

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  • maktoh

    Am I the only one asking myself, why it is not possible to build an audio interface into this thing? As they did with Traktor Kontrol?

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  • DJblackjack

    The LEDs are just pointless, sure it looks cool, but it also makes it more expensive and not worth its price.

  • charlie

    So if I have Maschine and any standard 61 Key Midi Keyboards (without any knobs, faders buttons etc), I can than use it in the same way as Komplete Kontrol S?

    Keys are from keyboard and knobs and buttons from Maschine (apart from Arp and LEDs on keys)

    The Arpeggiator is a plugin on it’s build inside hardware?

    • John the ‘Man’

      Finally! First mention of this I’ve seen. Personally, I think it would be amazing, to me, for this to happen, as Maschine software does not have full, multi-track integration in logic. Kontrol could provide the much-needed link between my NI-Integrated hardware and my DAW.

  • nukage

    trying to figure out what the target audience for this is. Higher end composers and for the electronic musician who must have it all. This will solve a real problem for some people, but I don’t think it will reach the popularity of their other hardware lines.

  • Scratch2def

    $499 for keyboard plus another $499 for komplete…their are people on here who still can’t afford 1 turntable lol

  • killmedj

    This kinda falls into my “Why?” category.

  • synapticflow

    The ever so useful touch strips instead of true tactile controls eh? I guess whatever helps you make it over priced right?

    It is some attractive gear though. Best wishes NI.

  • Jacob Stadtfeld

    Do we know if the chord, scale, arp, LED feedback, and other such features are baked into the hardware and usable with other software, or are they software-locked to Komplete?

    • Sin Sentido Comun

      It’s in to the software, won’t wrk with third party stuff or hardware synths.

    • Oddie O’Phyle

      he’s wrong… this is from the NI site under specs.


      Ableton Live 9.1.4
      Cubase 7.5.1
      Nuendo 6.0.7
      Logic X 10.0.7

    • Max Martinez

      the new maschine update 2.2 I believe will have the chord, scale and arp features

  • VSTL

    Initially the price seems ridiculously high when comparing it to your standard MIDI controller at your local music retailer. We should be able to get a decent controller for about $399 or so. However, as someone who has been through MANY keyboard controllers, I find the Fatar keybed the best. It can only be found on a few keyboards that I know of, Novation SL’s ($599), Acess Virus TI Keyboards ($3K for the synth) and some Studiologic’s that are also not inexpensive MIDI controllers. This is a serious keyboard players keybed, and I’m a keyboard player that appreciates this. I know for most people, a $150-$300 keybed might be enough, but when you really care about accurate dynamics and playability, they cannot easily be found on the cheaper keyboards. I would be disappointed if it was a less expensive without the Fatar quality keybed personally. Maybe they will come out with a more affordable keybed like Novation did with the Impulse and Launchkey, but for an initial offering, I think they hit the nail on the head. Could be considered $100 overpriced but I think that $100 is worth the integration with Komplete and the Light Guide feature. So please compare the S-Series controllers to other Fatar quality keyboards if you want to argue the value. As for me, I’m happy paying a little extra for the best in dynamics and playbility. Thank you NI for not taking shortcuts on keyboard.

    • Sin Sentido Comun

      Novation gives you fatar keybed in the Remote SL controllers for less.


      +1 on the Fatar keys. They definitely feel great for semi-weighted keybeds. I have an old Novation 25 SL and the keys still play like a charm.

    • synapticflow

      You wouldn’t consider touch strips shortcuts? I sure do. Your other points I can absolutely get with.

  • LongTimeLurker1stTimePoster

    Cute, will it automatically make everything 128 bpm in 4/4 to match up to the button mashing Kanye-West-Is-My-Hero demographic of musically illiterate people they’re targeting?

    • JayJak

      No, But hopefully it will take away your elitism.

      • Jayson Joyce

        Your not elitist @LongTimeLurker1stTimePoster … There is value is learning how to actually play a keyboard instead of hitting a “chord key” …that being said..the features do look like they would help an experienced player as well

        • JayJak

          In no way am I saying there isn’t value in Learning how to play a keyboard and learning chord progressions ect. but blind negativity has no place in this community.

    • gigglekey

      I’m an elitist AND enjoy Kanye 😉

  • So for 499 € I get the S25 (+ Komplete 10 included) or only the Keyboard?

  • M

    i can press one button using ableton and it can do everything this casio keyboard can do and i will be saving $1000

    • Oddie O’Phyle

      enjoy your 54Gb sample base compared to Komplete’s 440Gb. there are alot of producers out there that use NI VSTs and sound library for more than just Mashine. Too bad that you feel that live has all that you need, considering you are comparing VST’s and sample library to a DAW.

      • M

        oh yes im good with 54 🙂 i dj for fun, im komplete lol

        • Oddie O’Phyle

          Koo, I found live 4-7 a bit more fun with Komplete.

          • M

            if you want to save money, give it a few months, you’ll see these n.i. keyboards on ebay for cheap just like everything else that comes out. some people think just because some new equipment comes out it will make them 100% better than before.

          • Oddie O’Phyle

            I already own Komplete Ultimate 9, I use a secondary 10 point multi-touch screen for parameter control and my SH-201 for keys. If anything, I’d wait for an MKII model as NI usually cleans up their build with the new revision.

          • M

            yes thats when i would probably than decide to give it a try 🙂

          • synapticflow

            Yeah I’m sure we all know some people who have utter tons of gear that we can’t afford, yet their music is awful. I certainly know a few.

  • kebabtoy

    So cheap! Wow! Already on my list to buy 😀

    • noxxi

      are you being sarcastic? or basically bragging about how much money you have? hopefully your being sarcastic and not a total penis

      • kebabtoy

        Here in Norway that type of equipment to that price is actually pretty cheap. 500$ for a keyboard here is actually a budget. So no, I’m not being sarcastic.

        • noxxi

          $500 is budget in norway?!!! what the fuck! how much is the minimum wage in your country?!

          no problem dude, that makes it clearer, i didnt realise, so i thought you were bragging, which would have been super gay.

          • kebabtoy

            A painter (like me) who is among the average paid in the country is around 450,000 Norwegian kroner = 72217$. But again, everything here in Norway is extremely expensive. I can guess that this keybord will cost around 800-900$ here in Norway. Maybe more. That’s why all norwegians love to shop online from other countries or when we are on vacation in other countries.

            We are the most expensive country in the world…

            We don’t have a legally required minimum wage. So I don’t know the answer…

          • noxxi

            wow! thats actually incredible makes me wonder why people immigrate to the uk to work! norway seems like a much more lucrative country! but then as you said the living costs must be astronomical to compensate for that. 450000nok works out aroung £44,000 here, thats like a doctors salary!

          • kebabtoy

            Doctors here has around 127802$ And that is the average for doctors. I remember reading once that Oslo is one of the most expensive city in the world. It’s so expensive here that people who come here on holiday bring their own food etc.

          • noxxi

            thats so weird, i guess money is just less valuable where you live! makes it pretty sweet for you to buy stuff from abroad though! i can totally see why this keyboard is cheap to you now!

          • BelgianJungleSound

            Ye, Norway has a Oil and Gas Pension Fund (can’t remember the exact name of it) with 500 billion pounds in it, so they’re pretty sorted

    • Guest

      I enjoyed this conversation

    • Guest

      I enjoyed this conversation

  • lol

    500$ for a f¤cking keyboard ? Haha

  • Awsome! Will it work if I only have Massive, Reaktor and Kontakt? I don’t want to spend $500 in the Komplete 10 if I already own those VSTs. Thanks! 😀

    • VSTL

      Sorry, here is the official answer: Individual KOMPLETE Instruments not supported. You must own a registered copy of KOMPLETE 9, KOMPLETE 9 ULTIMATE, KOMPLETE 10, or KOMPLETE 10 ULTIMATE to use the KOMPLETE KONTROL software. However since you do own Kontakt, you can consider the crossgrade pricing option…

      • noxxi

        wow! what a scam!

      • gigglekey

        Oh good, then I don’t have to upgrade to Komplete 10. I already own most of the newly included instruments, so have no desire to buy K10, but def. want this keyboard. This will make things like The Finger 10x more accessible. The arpeggiator looks especially good too.

    • Guest

      They will integrate flawlessly with every NI instrument.

  • djrichy5