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Routine: Dwells, 13-year-old 2014 DMC NYC Regional Champion

The Disco Mix Club (DMC) has been hosting DJ competitions since 1986 and this competition has brought many talented DJs into the limelight. Earlier this year DMC held their 2014 NYC Regionals competition where Dwells, a 13 year old scratch DJ, took 1st place and wowed the crowd with his level of skill at such a young age. Check out Dwells routine below.

Young Talent and Dedication

Dwells went on to compete in the 2014 DMC US Championship where he took second place. Dwells may not be the DMC world champion this year but this kid does have the talent to possibly take the title next year. With new technology and cheaper controllers, many DJs start out using MIDI controllers and software but not many get the opportunity like Dwells to scratch using time code and control vinyl. We might be witnessing the next A-Trak in the making. Be sure to watch out for Dwells in the 2015 DMC championships.

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  • Joe Grime

    a very talented young man! still got a lot to learn as many of you said (his cuts were far from perfect and his song selection was a little boring) but great to see a 13 year old putting in the work to learn this art form, like the article said 2015 could be his year

  • noxxi

    has there ever been a dmc championship that actually didnt sound like complete garbage?

    not doubting his skill at doing…whatever this is meant to be, but apparently hes ranked #2 in the US at this? I’m guessing the person at #1 is marginally better, which is a shame.

    this leads me to one point that bugs me, what the fuck is the point of the DMC championship? the decks are supposed to be about music, its always been that way. So why is it that a bunch of snobs get together once a year to rate each other on how skillfully they can create ear shredding bullshit?

  • x

    hes good, but his dj set didnt tell a story. he just did all the tricks he can think of. but great skills tho

  • DMC B4 DMV

    Not bad, the part where his back was turned and the pitch portion were
    real sick. The rest of the performance not so hot. Some sloppy cuts, song
    selection a little on the boring side, and as a whole was incoherent.
    Just being honest.

    Kid got crazy potential though.

  • Mojaxx

    As a purely ‘armchair critic’ when it comes to turntablism, I thought that was superb.

    That routine demonstrated that Dwells has got to grips with all the techniques that made the earlier greats like Roc Raida, Craze and A-Trak what they were. There wasn’t much sense of seeing much ‘new’, but the kid is 13, I can’t imagine how dope he’ll get as his musical style develops and he starts forging his own path.

    Keeping in mind that the routine there had virtually no ‘production’ element, he was loading different tracks as he went. A couple of years more battle experience, and more tightly produced routines, and I suspect he’ll be wiping the floor with everyone else.

    That bit when he cut up Jeru’s line about stepping up was the most exciting bit of a battle routine I’ve watched in ages.

  • Yeah I’m with other people the skills were there but the song choices and some of the time losses were gross…. besides that the kid has talent.

  • Kevin

    Dam..I really didnt like that..I dont think you have to be an expert Dj to listen to music like this..As a listen, I didnt enjoy that at all..I couldnt really feel what he was trying to do..His skills are scary good, but idk what the hell that was..

    • Dean Zulueta

      This style of mixing and DJing is definitely different. But this kid still has a lot of untapped potential and he has shown his skills ranking #2 in the US championship.

      • Kevin

        Thats awesome..he’s clearly really good..but I didnt enjoy what I heard, thats what I’m saying

  • Shleppy

    Am I the only one who thinks his sample selection and transitions are kinda crap? No doubt he has skills at scratching, but he can’t hold the beat to save his life.

  • riddimdojo

    Woi, the the kid is next level…