Help Design our Logo and Win 3 Prizes!

The forums are awash in activity and I am really glad we went ahead and put them up. In one of the posts I asked you for the communities take on this new logo we have been working on. Feedback was mixed with some people suggesting different improvements and possibly even turning it over to the readers.

So in the spirit of letting everyone have their say I am going to open the Logo up to collective design and then we can vote on the final results in the brand new forums. First, download the current design in Illustrator format, and you can do one of 2 things:

A: Modify the colors and tweak the existing concept ( I was thinking silver, black and blue, retro/Atari/futuristic)

B: Come up with your own idea- but it must be submitted in illustrator format! You can send you submissions to

The winner will receive an upgrade package to the vci-100 which contains 3 things:

{Ean Golden SE plates

{TKS files and a firmware conversion program that emulates the 1.3 firmware

{a very special accessory that we cant announce just yet!

The Video Intro

This logo was created as a new intro to our educational videos.


Contest Rules:

I will do the preliminary judging to select 5 finalists. Then the community will get to pick the final winner!

The prize will be awarded when the equipment is finished getting manufactured (about 1 – 2 months)

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