Controllerism with an Iphone

Our friend Dj Mei Lwun invited us down to his club in San Francisco to check out a new toy he has been playing with. Its a fully configurable midi app for the Iphone that allows you to essentially create your own midi interface with custom labels and all. Mei-lwun is a fan of all things ironic so he thought is would be funny to tap out “i got hoes” on his iphone in the middle of the dance floor. We have similar tastes and sometimes they collide in interesting ways. You might remember my ironic guitar hero performance (he shot the video) or the faux communist party he and I created back in 2004 that “distributed” mash-ups to the masses. We also teamed up to create the greatest dj equipment review ever. How could I pass on filming this one?

The Video

The App

The app above is called “the matrix” and was created by a company called ITM (iTouchMidi). They have a whole line of different control interfaces but this one allows you to create a scalable matrix of buttons, then color and label each one according to their function.

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