Techno Fabulous

I hail from San Francisco aka “the bay” which has birthed many excellent ghetto fabulous trends including Ghost riding the whip, Whistle tips, Hyphy, e 40, and many, many others. So even though I may be a white geek that plays electronic music with midi controllers-my ghetto fabulous side comes out to play some times. In that spirit we want to share 3 “Techno Fabulous” concepts that are hot at the moment:

Big Buttons rule

After months of you asking for them, we finally found the money, the inspiration and the right print shop to make us some bad ass limited edition T shirts. Props to all those that have contributed ideas and time to the design process. In the end, I decided to go simple and a little bit “Techno Fabulous” with 2 giant gold buttons. They are sick and will make a great dj t shirt for the club. Visit our online store and grab one while you can. They are printed on the highest quality, fitted t shirt we could find – American Apparel summer shirts. There are also some white ones available too!

The Coup de Ville Oxygen 8

While cruising through this amazing flea market in Alameda last weekend I came across a box of old car medallions. The classic CoupDeville logo jumped straight out and practically yelled “put me on a midi controller!”. As you can see it looks fairly slick on my custom black oxygen 8. Application was super simple with a common dremmel tool and a little glue.

And finallly

a late entry that one of our readers sent in, this brilliant contraption absolutely qualifies as techno fabulous.

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