In the modern age our lives are so intertwined with technology that It surrounds and pervades almost everything that we do. Its understandable that some people want to keep one foot in the analogue door and the other in the digital domain. As a result many projects pop up that are half digital/half analogue with DVS systems being the most pervasive example. Its the dichotomy of a turntable and the hard drive however that really exhibits that tenuous balance of old and new. What better way to really explore that relationship than to turn your hard drive into a turntable? Now you can.

Instructables have posted a guide to turning the common hard drive into a high performance control surface. Its a very slick concept that fits into the very best ideals of our DIY ethos. While not a entry level project, its relatively easy to execute and requires almost no upfront investment to try out on your own. Check out the full guide here.

That drawing on the top of this post and the oval sticker above were created by our own Midian. The oval is available in a high quality vinyl sticker. Make any purchase from the web store and we will throw in 2 of them for free.

original story from skratchwork via engadget

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