The $250 Lemur

The DIY spirit is alive in the world today and now where is that more evident than here on Dj TechTools where many, many readers are busting out the old soldering iron and creating their own Dj controllers. For those without mad electrical skills, the Lemur concept offers the possibility to create your own virtual controller in just a few minutes. Sadly the hefty price tag puts it out of most people reach but fortunately, we have found a way for you to create your own touch controller for under $250!

Touch on a Budget

Sure, tablet computers are an easy way to get mono touch capacity but that requires the purchase of a new laptop. Everyone is looking for an inexpensive accessory controller to add to their existing setup. The key would be a touch sensitive LCD display that would be small, portable and USB powered. Viola, let me introduce you to the NanoVision Mimo touted as the worlds first USB powered touch screen.

  • Completely powered by one USB cable
  • LED back lit 7 inch display.
  • Touchscreen interface
  • ‘Swivel’ mode to alternate between landscape and portrait angles
  • +/- $200

available here and here

CNET review

Lemur Look alike

Add some configurable software like the $30 mono touch live and you have a lemur like interface for under $250!

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