VCI-100 DIY Arcade Mod

Well over a year ago, I got up the gumption to chop up a VCI-100 that was on loan from Vestax in my quest to create a dj instrument.  To my amazement I didn’t break the controller and Vestax didn’t seem angry that their loaner was never coming back.  Emboldened by successful hackery and equipped with 8 arcade buttons I dove headlong into further developing theories on controllerism and cue point juggling. It was that mod and those ideas that kicked off this great site, and started something that has become much bigger- a community of like minded, creative djs.

In order to share the idea with others, I posted a simple tutorial video on youtube but the primitive techniques used then have improved greatly over time. Today, after modifying many controllers for customers around the globe, we have developed a reliable system that is easy and produces great results. Dj TechTools is now very happy to share that system with you, so that anyone that cant afford our custom arcade editions can produce one of their own.

Step 1. Watch the New Tutorial Video Above

Step 2. Download The Improved Cut Guide (Cad)

Step 3. Get the Arcade Overlays (Shown Bellow)

Step 4. Get some Arcade Buttons

Step 4. Rock Out!


Dj TechTools now offers Sanwa Arcade buttons in the webstore which are guaranteed to fit the overlay, VCI and cut guide. Warning, dont use other buttons as they will not fit your VCI without additional case modifications! I have tested every single arcade button available on the planet and promise that these perform significantly better than the Happ and Seimitsu varieties.

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