VCI-100SE Mapping Tutorials

Part 1. (BASICS)

The VCI-100SE Version 3 mapping is hands down one of most ambitious and powerful mapping we have released yet. This brand new version brings together all of our best ideas from the past 2 years and condenses them into an easy-to-use interface that should have something for everyone. We stripped away the fat, improved the core features and made everything more simple. Along with a few technical MIDI breakthroughs that enable new work-flows — such as 8 cue points — this file also introduces a new concept called instant FX, which you absolutely want to check out.  The 2 instant FX buttons automatically set up a perfect effect with all routing and configuration, so you don’t have to think about anything.  When combined with the jog wheel, they produce killer sounds and very expressive transitions.

Part 2. (FX TRICKS)


On Saturday we hosted a live broadcast in the DJ TechTools studio that covered this mapping and general Traktor Pro questions. Check that out here for a deeper look into the controller.

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