The Original Coupe DeVille

Ever since I published my personal layout for the Oxygen 8 some 4 months ago, people have been hounding me to finally post the explanation video. The damn thing took 5 years to perfect, I always joke, so perhaps the video might take another 5! Well, we finally found time to crank out a tutorial on the mapping I used in nightclubs around the world for many years.

Compared to the newer controllers on the market, the Oxygen 8 and this interface is relatively simple and somewhat primitive. To be honest though, I kind of like it that way. The interface does just a few things really well, and it’s really hard to screw anything up. Download the mapping and sign up for update emails here, but don’t expect updates too regularly — this controller is my favorite old 66 Coupe DeVille. I take her out of the garage every once in a while and tinker with the engine on weekends, but generally I like to keep things the way they were. For the latest and greatest in modern DJ technology, there is always the Midi-Fighter and our new completely insane VCI-100 V3 mapping.

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