Dj Intervention

Its a sunny friday and a short hop to spring so in lieu of anything that requires too much brain power, here is a classic dj video we recently discovered. Watch Part 2 after the break.


Its safe to say from the comments that our good friends east of the Atlantic dont get why this show may be funny to those in America. In hind-sight, that makes sense, as the elements it mocks are largely US centered. Given the global nature of this site, we try and pick universal topics but sometimes regional fair slips through the cracks. I will try and be more sensitive to that in the future.

*Why is it funny to us?*

The show is not mocking Ipod djs, or technology at all. In reality he should have been using serato, which would have been more accurate but less politically “correct”. Its making fun of the celebrity turned dj culture that emerged over the past 5 years in the states. They all basically fit the stereotypes thrown out there, which are disturbing and hilarious at the same time:

  • personal photographer following them around
  • hipster girlfriend that could be a model for american apparel
  • excessive use of neon
  • really dumb entourage of fame seekers.
  • lack of interest in the actual craft of djing.

Im not going to name any names but….you get the idea..

Does this exist in Europe at all?

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