VCI-300 Bags Compared

With controllers getting larger these days it can be a challenge to find a quality bag that protects and transports your precious dj gear. The VCI-300 in particular is very popular, but fits very few bags due to its large size. Fortunately several manufactures have been coming out with bags targeted at the midi-controller crowd so there are now several good options on the market. Lets take a look at the field and see which ones hold more promise for the young controllerists out there.


While UDG wont win any awards for creative naming- they do get it right with this straight forward and stylish shoulder bag. The Midi Controller bag is a brand new creation from the respected UDG brand that specifically targets VCI-300 users.

Very Cool:

  • Its small and very portable
  • the style is pro and understated
  • good quality construction

Not So:

  • There is small bit of space around the controller so its not a tight fit.
  • The padding is sufficient for general use but wont take any hard core traveling or falls

Price: Around $120-160 depending on size (and store).

The Magma Bag

This is the other bag on the market aimed right at the VCI-300 crowd. It offers significantly more padding than the UDG version and fits the 300 like a glove. Besides a lack of compartments our biggest complaint was the low end luggage look this bag has- it just does not look very “dj-esque” and would seem more at home with a traveling executive.

Very Cool:

  • Tight fit on the controller
  • padded handle
  • generous padding is almost road case grade

Not So:

  • Generic Luggage look
  • heavy and fairly bulky to carry on the shoulder
  • lack of specialized pockets and compartments

Price: Around $120

Other Options

These bags are not built for the 300 but they will fit it and should also be considered.

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