A Holiday Gift for you- Controllerist Sound Packs

Recently I played a gig in Southern California where a really nice fan came up and gave me a collection of his favorite sounds and samples for beat juggling. The sounds were great, but the only problem was that they were all single hits. With most dj software (except Ableton) you really need a collection of hits in one single file (like a scratch record) for cue point juggling. So, to pay it forward, I collected a few of my favorites, compiled them into several mp3s designed to be dropped over tracks and you can download them for free after the jump!

With 8 cue points, some good buttons and a few effects you can really transform a single Dj deck into a very playable instrument. Check out this live mix from San Francisco that I just recorded last Wed. You can hear me working in a few of the sounds form the sample packs bellow into the mix in a few specific spots @ 18:42 and 26:00.

Ean Golden – Live Set – Recorded in San Francisco (Dec 15th 2010)


I have grouped the MP3’s into 2 groups for your controller playing pleasure:

By Key (With Mixed in Key Tags)

  • key of A#
  • key of A
  • Key of B
  • Key of C#
  • Key of C
  • Key of D
  • Key of E

Just drop the file over a similar tagged file and they should sound great.

By Hit Type

  • sample set 1
  • sample set 2
  • sample set 3

Here the hits, crashes, lazers and wooshes have been strategically placed in order based on playback. For example kick type sounds on the one and snares on the 3 with a turn around in the 4th cue position.



Give these files a go, in a future article I will cover how to get the most out them sonically using simple mixer and effects tricks to create a variety of voicings.

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