Traktor Pro 2 – Officially Announced! (Exclusive Walk Through Video)

After a well placed teaser weeks ago, Native Instruments finally gave up the goods and announced Traktor Pro 2 today with a release date of April 1st 2011. Traktor Pro 2 is the newest successor in the Traktor line, taking the Traktor Pro S4 features and rolling them into Traktor Pro with a few nice extra touches. They include colored waveforms, multi channel support, and potential for up to 16 concurrent loops! Continue reading for our extensive 10 minute tour of Traktor Pro 2 plus a breakdown of every new feature.

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Traktor Pro 2 Essential Info

  • available in April
  • $229 for the software
  • $79 if you have Traktor Pro
  • $129 if you have LE
  • $0 if you have a Kontrol S4 or Audio 2 USB interface (both available in our online store!)


Side By Side Install


  • Traktor Pro 2 uses same analysis files as Traktor Pro 1,  but does a side by side install so you can revert to T Pro 1 if needed.


The new style is similar to the S4, and has a dark rich color palette that may be perceived by some as more professional. It’s actually starting to look more and more like the original Traktor 2 layout which was dominated by black and green tones.

New Deck Sizes

To make your screen less clutter and more feedback, Native Instruments offers a few new deck sizes that maximize or minimize space.

  • Essential Deck
  • Micro Deck

Multi Colored Waveforms

There are now 4 colored waveform options. Sadly, the one option that is not present is the Traktor 1 style waveforms. Instead you can choose from:

  • X-ray
  • Infrared (Above)
  • Ultraviolet
  • Spectrum (Above)

Zoomable Waveforms

  • The new waveforms also zoom in really tight for the most accurate cue points you can possibly imagine!


The style of grid-lines can be customized in the Deck Preferences. There is now:

  • light
  • strong (above)
  • tick
  • invisible

New Platter and Scope

  • The size of the platter has been increased by reducing the width of the phase meter.


4 Sample Decks


  • S4 supports samples and loop decks on all 4 decks.

4 New Effects

• Tape Delay

• Ramp Delay

• Bouncer

• Auto Bouncer

Additional Features


  • Plugging in a NI sound card will automatically change the audio from internal to the NI sound card and route the outputs so you don’t have to worry about changing settings.
  • You can send multiple decks out over the same channel – 4 decks over a 2 channel sound card. (Only with the audio 6 or 10.)
  • Future S4’s will ship with Traktor Pro 2 CD’s and all S4’s can also run Traktor Pro (no word on a upgrade price yet)
  • Multiple decks can now use the same CD or turntable input.
  • Dragging a loop from a deck into a sample slot now copies the tracks filter position.

Pricing and availability

In stores: April 2011
Suggested retail pricing:
  • TRAKTOR PRO 2 – $229 / 199 €
  • TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2 – $669 / 599 €
  • TRAKTOR DUO 2 – $119 / 99 €
  • TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO 2 – $399 / 349 €

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