Brand New DJ TechTools Web Store Now Live

As you may know, Dj has been built on a very simple premise. Provide mappings, ideas and valuable content for free and then sell great hardware to support the development of new articles. In my quest to improve that service, we recently re-designed our web store to make it easier to navigate and more fun to shop for DJ gear on the web. If you can, please go check out the new store today, and support this fine site with a purchase.  There are even two store launch specials that will help you save some cash!



This week only, we are offering two great deals to help you save some money.

All specials expire on Friday morning 10AM PST.


We know there are a lot of places you can buy your DJ gear from, so why support our web store?

  • Every dollar goes back into this site and investing in DJ culture (when was the last time guitar center did anything for DJ culture? invested their profits in dj culture? )
  • The site is built and run by DJs who strive to provide epic customer service every day.
  • Every product is carefully curated for quality. Rather than carry everything, we focus on the best of class products that everyone needs.

As a DJ, your career is driven by passion, not money so I know that making a gear purchase is a really big deal. Every week DJs tell us how long they have been “saving up” to get a S4 or a Midi Fighter and that really touches my heart because I know it is very important to them.  We try to make that important step even easier by providing honest and in-depth reviews and then supporting the purchase after the fact with great service and ongoing updates and mappings.


Not just stopping at the store, we have just finished re-designing the blog with a fresh new look and a bunch of great community features. Coming in about two weeks time, there are a few important points to mention:

  • We are looking for developers to help build it. Please get in touch if you kick ass at wordpress:
  • There will be advertisement space, if you are interested in buying ads, please get in touch:
  • big ups to our designers, meet-joyce who did a great job on the blog and the brand new web store!
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