Midi Fighter Mappings for Serato Scratch Live

Serato Scratch is a very popular tool for DJs around the world but one area it lacks strength is in MIDI mapping capacity. For that reason, we set out to create a mapping for the Midi-Fighter that broke new technical ground. The Midi-Fighter mapping for Serato, does exactly that by using scripts to control modifiers (which don’t exist in Serato Scratch Live). This adds shift functionality to several elements including overwriting cue-points with the shift button. Check out our full walkthrough in the video above or continue reading for more details and links to the mappings.

Download the Midi Fighter Classic Serato Mapping

Download the Midi Fighter Pro Super Knob Serato Mapping

The Midi Fighter Serato mapping is broken into four different pages (by using the Midi Fighter’s built in “4 Banks Mode”), with each page having different functionality as follows:

  • Deck A mode
  • Deck B mode
  • Juggle mode
  • Sampler (SP-6) mode

Both the MF Classic and the MF Pro Super Knob mappings share the same core functionality; however, the Super Knob mapping sets itself apart by allowing intuitive control of Serato’s built in DJ FX . With the Super Knob you can quickly and easily select, control, and activate three single effects and an “Ultra” effect all with the twist of a knob and the press of a button.  For a more detailed explanation of the Super Knob’s DJ FX control, see the visual layout below.

And now to the core functionality of our Midi-Fighter Serato mapping.

Deck A & B modes allow control of the associated decks cue points (triggering and overwriting), looping, loop rolls, and transport controls as can be seen below.

However, if one wanted to simultaneously trigger cue points on Decks A and B it would prove difficult switching back and forth quickly between the Deck A and B modes. As a result, Juggle Mode allows easy control of cue points for both decks in one page as can be seen below.

Lastly, the (fourth page) Sampler Mode allows for easy control of Serato’s SP-6, which can hold four banks of six samples (or 24 samples in total). With the Sampler mode you can add a little flare to your DJ sets by quickly triggering and looping samples as can be seen below.

After having learned a few tricks to MIDI mapping in Serato, we plan on further iterating and developing Serato mappings for our Midi-Fighter Classic and Pro line of controllers. With that said, please give us some feedback in the associated forum threads (linked above) as we will take all your thoughts and recommendations into consideration for future Serato mappings to make them the best and most fun as we possibly can!

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