Video: Hacking Soundcards Into DJ Mixers

This morning on our internet radar was DJ Blaze’s overview of his most recent DIY project – installing Traktor audio soundcards into traditional DJ mixers. It’s a great idea, especially if you happen to have an older mixer and soundcard both lying around that could be put to good use.

The way he’s done the mod, he’s pretty much just dropped a complete Traktor Audio 4/6 into his Korg KM-202 and Vestax PMC-05proIV mixers, respectively. This allows him to pull out the soundcard intact in the future – and additional ports drilled into the rear of the unit allow for DVS signal to be input into the now-enclosed audio devices.

Watch the full overview video below – skip to 3:25 for close ups of the rear of both mixers, or to 8:00 to see how the soundcard sits inside of the mixer:

[via DJBooth]

Anyone inspired to do a similar mod for themselves? Let us know in the comments below! 

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