NAMM 2013: Behringer CMD Series Controllers Shipping Now

After a long wait, we’re can finally confirm that the Behringer’s modular CMD series controllers arriving at their shipping date. As we heard this evening in a Behringer keynote event directly adjacent to the Anaheim Convention center, not only are the units shipping ASAP, they’re going to include a full version of Deckadance with every one of the controllers. Each of the controllers that we saw last year will be shipping, the CMD LC-1, MM-1, PL-1, DV-1, DC-1, and Studio 4A.

Need a video refresher on each of CMD controllers functions and layouts? 

No, that’s not a typo above – Image Line’s Deckadance is back on the map after a lack of updates for many moons. Behringer indicated that there’s an update to the software coming along side the units that will be shipping – and that none of the units will be shipping with any type of “lite” or “LE” version of the software. Fancy!

Keep an eye on the DJTT Twitter tomorrow for updates on final pricing on the controller and hopefully a look at the new Deckadance updates!

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