Numark Orbit Controller | NAMM 2013 First Look

It’s media preview day at the Winter NAMM convention and Numark is rolling out a brand-new controller. About the size of a handheld video game controller, the wireless handheld Numark Orbit is entering the world of secondary controllers for DJs and producers. Read more and watch our exclusive first look video inside!

What It’s Got: 

  • $99 expected retail price
  • Low-latency wireless control
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery (up to 8 hours use)
  • Diverse selection of onboard controls

What It’s Not: 

  • Buttons are similar to Launchpad (Mad Zach says: “It’s not made for finger-drumming”)
  • Small profile isn’t ideal for non-handheld use
  • No software utility to control colors or adjust motion sensitivity


The unit is very similar feeling to a Sony PSP – and is clearly designed for handheld use and triggering mostly with your thumbs. When we first posted an image on our Instagram feed, our readers were quick to note that the unit absolutely has a familiar design feeling to a toy that many will remember from their childhood (see harmegeddo‘s clever image at right). 


The unit might have a toy feeling – but it could absolutely could have a place as a secondary controller for those looking for a very handheld unit to add to their setup. The controller has attachments that will allow it to be worn around the neck, a belt, or in other ways that make it easy to access.

The comparisons to a video game controller are the most apt in terms of controls as well – with trigger controls on either shoulder of the unit. The mappings on display at the Numark booth weren’t anything to write home about, but we found ourselves easily imagining some cool jogwheel based effects for the controller.

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