Video: 2013 Winning DMC Routine DJ Fly

Every year in October the DMC World DJ Championships are held in a different city, and this year in London it was DJ Fly from France who took first place. Watch his full routine below and read our thoughts on what the DMC needs to do to modernize the competition after that:

One of the biggest issues here is that as a result of the introduction of DVS, informed DJs, much less a casual observer, have a hard time telling what elements a DJ is actually controlling when the software is hidden from view. The DMC should make the full transition and every routine should have:

  • plenty of camera angles – especially a directly above-the-mixer shot like in our J. Espinosa performance video
  • live screen capture to see what tracks are actually playing

What would you make different about the DMCs to modernize them? Let us know in the comments. 

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