Pioneer’s Secret Turntable Project Revealed

Remember how just a few weeks ago Q-Bert let it slip that he had seen some secret new turntable project from Pioneer at NAMM 2014? Well, he wasn’t just kidding around – the photos this morning from Musikmesse 2014 show that the Pioneer turntable project is very much a real thing. The design is very, very familiar to anyone who knows their way around a Technics 1200. Here’s one of the most popular photos of it so far:

So far we know that it has a USB connection, ethernet connection for X-Link connection (Editor’s Note: This info was incorrect, according to our sources on the ground there’s just Phono Out…) with other Pioneer gear, and analog RCA out. It’s also got a pitch fader that goes +/- 8 and a “pitch reset” button at the side of it along with a “tempo range” button at the top. But it’s pretty clear this is a very early prototype – so almost every feature could be added or removed by the time the final product comes to market.

Will it work with DVS systems? Will It have any MIDI features or functionality? That’s all up to speculation at the moment.

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