How to Mix Pop Music

Pop music comes in all shapes and sizes, but when you’re mixing it in the club setting, all that really matters is the fact that each track adheres to a pretty traditional formula. Whether it’s a hip-hop tune, a slab of indie rock, or even Justin Bieber’s latest hit, each one typically falls into the intro/verse/chorus/verse/chorus/outro standard. Those elements are the building blocks for today’s lesson about mixing pop tracks, from DJ TechTools’ Ean Golden.


When mixing pop tracks, the interplay between one track’s chorus and another’s verse is integral.

1. When you’re ready to mix out of track one, loop track two’s intro and begin to tease it beneath track one’s verse.

2. Beneath track one’s chorus, extend the loop of track two’s intro.

3. Fade out of track one’s chorus and into the verse of your new track.

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