Routine: E.A.S.Y. – Shiftee and Enferno Collaboration On Maschine MK2, Turntables, Kontrol Z2

If you follow either DJ Shiftee or DJ Enferno on Twitter or Instagram, you are well aware of the “fued” brewing between the two DJs. DJ Enferno was claiming that “Scratching is cool but turntable only routines are relatively easy” which led to the birth of a battle staged for 11AM EST this morning to settle the beef. In reality, the fight was all staged to build up anticipation for a collaboration project between the two DJs called E.A.S.Y. This project is tailored to bring a new perspective to change how people perceive live DJing and performance. Watch the video below and read more about the paradigm shift that E.A.S.Y. is trying to make.

Shiftee + Enferno: Changing the View on DJs

It is no doubt that DJ culture has become more popular in the last few years. With events such as EDC and Ultra, people are being drawn into the aspect of seeing a DJ just like they would pay to see their favorite rock band. However, a stigma has also been created where DJs are seen as “button pushers” and can’t possibly be on the same level as “real” musicians. If you didn’t catch it, the video above pokes fun at the SNL skit “When Will the Bass Drop” which is a comedic take on the notion of DJs just being button pushers. E.A.S.Y. performs a clever, live remix of the song and seamlessly transitions into their original, “Fly Away.” While the collab video is a parody of the skit, it also raises a beautiful point that is starting to be lost with the influx of DJs and over hyped electronic festivals. DJing is not the act of pushing play and putting your hands in the air. DJing is an art and takes skill on multiple levels.

The video showcases their next level turntablism skills and musicianship, but also highlights their stylistic direction and future bass wig wearing ability.

E.A.S.Y. is the new DJ Enferno and Shiftee collaboration project.

E.A.S.Y.’s debut could not have come at a better time. DJing is a living practice of music just like any other instrument and needs to be protected from mediocrity and over-commercialization. I can only hope good things for the duo because there needs to be distinction in what a DJ is and what a DJ is not. We are not button pushers. We are practicing musicians in an art form that takes the same level of dedication and musicianship as any other instrument does.

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