Routine: Teeko’s Live Remix (A-Trak + Milo & Otis)

A-Trak and Milo & Otis are very prolific DJs and their track “Out the Speakers” is an instant trap banger. The song features an island rhythm with bass and catchy synth stabs but it wasn’t untouchable. San Francisco DJ, Teeko, took the track to his studio and decided to create a live remix routine around it. Using a blend of live synthesizing, controllerism, and turntabilism, Teeko created his own catchy hard hitting version of the track. Watch the routine below and see what gear Teeko brought in to make it all happen.

A Controller, A Synth, & A Turntable = A Live, Turned Up Remix

This routine was unique in a few awesome way. First of all, this remix was totally live and performed with near-perfect precision. Teeko used his great skills as a turntablist, controllerist, and producer to create apiece thats live; in the moment of the music. Second, he blended two different techniques of DJing: controllerism and turntablism. By using the Traktor Kontrol F1 and the Kontrol Z2, Teeko could launch samples and cut in his scratching with ease. The turntable came in to add authentic scratch vibes that added a different varied rhythm to the track. Lastly, Teeko incorporated a Sequential Six-Trak synth which allowed him to literally play his track. This routine blends many different styles to create an overall live performance that shows skill in technology and music.

Teeko will be at the DJ Tech Tools HQ this Saturday to play an exclusive set for the Take Kontrol Workshop featuring the Kontrol S8+ Komplete Kontrol.

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