Cut-At-Home Vinyl: Desktop Record Cutter Kickstarter Funded

Australian-based company Machina.Pro has successfully funded a Kickstarter that they promise will modernize record pressing and bring it to the masses. Dubbed the DRC (Desktop Record Cutter), the project has already gone through initial prototyping and is ready for a funding injection to finalize the features and infrastructure to build production units. In a nutshell, the DRC is:

“A complete Desktop Record Cutting package capable of cutting vinyl and/or vinyl-like material. The DRC is automated using precision engineered technology for ease of use [for new cutters], whilst allowing custom control, upgrades and modification for the experienced engineer.”
The DRC's key features (click to zoom)
The DRC’s key features (click to zoom)

The functioning prototype version looks complex, but a key promise of the Kickstarter is that they want to make it as much of a plug-and-play solution as possible,

a “turn-key” stereo cutting system… audio in, blank on and cut.”

Why cut vinyl at all? Sure, many people are moving entirely to digital systems, but vinyl has seen its own recent sales boost. Still a drop in the bucket, but a good sign that enthusiasts of the medium are more willing than ever to spend money to get vinyl. Don’t buy it? Read my article from almost a year ago about how vinyl sales have seen a recent upswing – perhaps as a result of DJs.

We’ve seen Vestax take on print-at-home vinyl before, with the absurdly-priced ($10,000) VRX-2000 – and that’s where the DRC hopes to land a big win:

“The goal amount reached will dictate pricing. This is the most exciting part to us, if we all get involved, we can make the DRC more attainable for everybody.

At the minimum goal reached, the projected sell price is US$6,500… BUT again, the more pledged, the cheaper this will be…”

As the time of press, the Kickstarter has already more than doubled their goal of $10,000 (AUD). However they make it very clear that this crowdsourced fundraising it just to build support. Only four supporters will receive finished DRCs – with everyone else getting various types of swag.

Read more about the DRC on the official Kickstarter page.

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