Splice Introduces Built-In Better VST/ Audio Plugin Management

Splice is one of the best solutions for collaborators to work remotely on tracks without worrying about hosting and sending Ableton, FL Studio, Logic, and Garageband project files. The service does all the heavy lifting by packaging all the sounds into one file and sends the package to collaborators . Today, Splice announced a new feature that solves the big problem producers face when it comes to collaborating on projects that are missing plugins. Instead of finding and downloading all the plugins that are missing, producers can now purchase them via Splice’s plugin store and manager. Splice Plugins

1-Click Purchasing, License Back-ups, and SDK

The most interesting and useful part about Splice’s new plugin management system is that plugins that aren’t already installed on a client’s machine can be purchased within Splice and installed before downloading a new project file. This allows for collaborators to quickly work on projects without spending their time trying to hunt down plugins that they are missing or waiting around for someone to bounce out audio stems. As of today, numerous plugins from prominent manufacturers will be available for downloading and Splice is also offering a curated selection of free plugins to download as well. The plugins page on Splice will also feature tons of information regarding the functionality of the plugins and even tutorials from artists such as Laidback Luke and Henry Fong. In addition to being a platform to purchase plugins, Splice is also offering to manage the licenses and updates of the current plugins on a producer’s machine. The software will scan the computer for supported plugins and notify the user whenever new updates are available while saving the licenses in-case of a hardware failure or computer upgrade. Splice will also be announcing a new plugin SDK that will change the way plugins are distributed. Instead of the traditional retail distribution, users will soon have the ability to rent and subscribe to plugins. This is great for those collaborations who use a plugin in one track and never open it again after the song is finished.

No More Plugin Headaches

Plugins can be a complicated business when a producer is trying to manage their own plugins and it can get even crazier when another fellow producer is thrown in the mix. Splice’s new feature will allow for a much better plugin management system and it will solve the headache that comes with collaborating on new projects. The new plugin SDK is also a huge game changer because many producers will enjoy having the ability to rent and subscribe to plugins, especially for ones that will only be used a handful of times.

How do you manage your plugins? Let us know in the comments below!

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