Routine: KiNK’s Live DJ Hybrid Setup

“Live DJing” is usually used to describe DJs who mix and flip tracks between two or more records. There is no automation and the DJs are making cuts on the fly. KiNK, a Belgium DJ/Producer, feels that there is a hybrid system to be made between live production and DJing, which is why he created a new way to play. Watch his new system in action then read more about what’s going on behind the scenes.

Incorporating CDJs, Synthesizers and a Turntable

KiNK’s routine is one of the most intriguing routines that have been featured on DJTT because his way of incorporating synthesizers and playing tracks is very elaborate. So elaborate that everything isn’t synced up to one MIDI clock. Between the different pieces of gear that KiNK incorporates, he is beat matching the recordings of his synth modulations with the drum pattern of his TR-8. His set-up and the way he plays puts a strong foot forward towards the debate that DJs aren’t musicians. KiNK’s live instrumentation and variety of sounds bring the magic of the studio to the stage.

Roland AIRA TR-8

In KiNK’s set-up, the TR-8 is used as his source for the main beat of the track. The TR-8 is an all in one unit for creating drums and the full capacity of the unit can be seen in his routine. He creates different patterns on the fly and modulates different parameters to progress the track throughout the set. The Roland AIRA TR-8 is also carried in the DJTT store.

Pioneer XDJ-1000s

The XDJ-1000s are not only playing music but they are playing back loops that KiNK recorded from his synthesizers. The loops are then categorized on his flash drive where he can mix and match different sounds based on where he is at within the track. He then use hot cues to further diverse the sounds live. This way of performing is very interesting and may solve the problem of playing live sets without bringing the studio to the stage. All a DJ has to do is export patterns to a flash drive and they are ready to tour any club in the world.

Modular Synths

One of the most abstract designs of this set was KiNK’s use of analog and modular synths. These days most DJs work inside their DAWs and only a handful of producers actually create physical patches in a synthesizer. An important note to take about his sound creation is how each cable movement and turn of a knob can create a new sound. Synthesis is a beast to conquer but once a producer learns the ways of synthesizing, they can go from presets to authentic sounds. We couldn’t ID all of the gear he used to create the modular sound so we challenge you to tell us what he uses in the comments.

Live Production and DJing

Live production is slowly moving onto more and more stages around the world where DJ sets once used to stand. Technology is allowing the producer to finally move the studio to the stage in a complete package. While there isn’t a clear cut answer how to do this, solutions like KiNK’s live production/DJing hybrid system make a strong case. A producer’s creativity isn’t bound to a DAW.

How do you incorporate live production into your DJ setup?



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