Attention DJTT Community: What Do You Want To Learn?

Every month the DJTT editorial team works hard to bring you helpful tutorials, the latest reviews, and interesting culture pieces. Our mission is to help you, so many ideas are pulled directly from the forums and uservoice section. Today we want to give you a more direct way of contributing to our editorial process by voting on our planned articles this month and adding your own ideas to the mix.

Gear Reviews


Here are a few of the products reviews we have in the pipeline

  • Ean Golden will be doing a review of the new no compromise rotary mixer, the Rane MP2015.
  • We’re also looking to review the Rane TTM57mkII, the successor to the famous TTM 57SL.
  • The new Teenage Engineering Pocket Synths are ripe for deep testing.
  • Everyone wants to know if the new Launchpad Pro is worth the upgrade price and a serious Ableton Push competitor.
  • Will the Pioneer XDJ-RX replace your computer?

Which products would you like to see reviewed? Tell us in the comments and up-vote your favorite.



In depth tutorials remain our most popular content, but we can’t guess what you need – so help us write the best ones first:

  • Following up on the Plug and Play CDJs with Traktor, we plan on making a tutorial showing how to plug and play CDJs in HID mode with Serato.
  • The essentials of sound packs. What are they, how are they made, and where can you get the best ones.
  • Building off last months Make Your Own Edits with Serato Flip, we’re working with the good guys at Serato to show you more ways that you can use Flip.
  • Creative ways to use sequencing in Traktor  – There are a lot of reasons, and ways to program your own beats.
  • What DAW is the right one for me? – A comparison of the various platforms for different styles of producers.
  • How to use a hardware sequencer (like the 808) next to your Traktor sets. Bring in the live element, while keeping everything in sync.
  • Best Speakers for Mobile DJing – Active or Passive stacks?
  • 3 Sidechain plugins compared – Which are the best for creative mixing?
  • Choosing monitors for your bedroom/home studio
  • Serato Output mapping – How to use the new feature to map functions to LED’s from Serato.

Business of DJing + Culture


DJ culture and business articles round up the content mix this month, and here are a few articles we are considering:

  • Supercharging your Soundcloud account! Clear ways that producers and DJs can maximize their channel for promotion, reach and retention of fans.
  • We are considering a 2nd round of  “What your favorite producers use” – Similar to our “What Unique Gear Do Touring DJs/Producers Use
  • What are Agents thinking? How to land an agent and help them get you booked.
  • Getting small town gigs – How to land a show in your local market even when options are slim.
  • The best tools for building your own DJ website today – Which system makes it easier?

Every Thursday we will be publishing new editions of our “Artist’s Setup” series. Past weeks included Loco Dice, Whyt Noyz and Crystal Method. What artist’s set-ups do you want to see?


 Tell us your article ideas in the comments below!

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