Routine: E.A.S.Y. (Enferno + Shiftee) – “Pop Music”

The super duo E.A.S.Y. is back with a live performance of their second single “Pop Music“, which is available as a free download on Craze’s Slow Roast Records label. When a track gets the thumbs up from a 5 time DMC Champion you know it’s gonna be good.

DJ Craze: “Proud to have the homies E.A.S.Y. releasing “Pop Music” on Slow Roast. A combination of top-notch musicianship and turntablism … This $#!T is plain ole GOOD!! Enjoy!!

The duo continues to showcase incredible skill while making it look fun and effortless. Shiftee and Enferno seamlessly incorporate scratching, finger drumming, and even trade setups on the fly. You won’t find anything pre mixed or automated, everything you’re hearing is being triggered, scratched, and drummed in real time. Those that are familiar with E.A.S.Y. will recognize their gear of choice:



Unfortunately the E.A.S.Y wigs don’t make an appearance. Head over to Slow Roast’ soundcloud to grab the free download.

For more E.A.S.Y. check out their website, Soundcloud, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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