AIAIAI Announces TMA-2 Modular – Customize Your Headphones

AIAIAI, creators of the popular TMA-1 DJ and TMA-1 Studio headphones have just announced the TMA-2 Modular Headphone System, an incredible collection of modular parts that will give DJs and producers the ability to customize headphones to their specific needs. Headphones with replaceable components have been around for a while now, but the modular parts of the TMA-2 system are meant to change the experience of the headphones, not to swap out damaged parts. Keep reading for more details.

1 System, 360 Configurations

Click to see all the various configurations.

The TMA-2 Modular is not one headphone, it’s a collection of 4 modular components:

  • Headbands – 3 different shapes and cushion types ($30 – $60 USD)
  • Earpads – 5 different cushion types and materials ($25 – $50 USD)
  • Cables – 6 cables w/wo microphone, material, length ($25 – $50 USD)
  • Speaker units – 4 different sound settings/drivers ($65 – $100 USD)
  • Important info: the sound configuration is determined by the speaker unit and the earpads, the combination of which have equal importance in shaping the overall sound of the headphone.

The combination of all these different parts means that there are 360 possible headphone configurations. There is nothing complicated about the design of the headphone. Everything can be easily switched without the need of tools, including the speaker units. The TMA-2 Modular retains the classic minimal design that AIAIAI is known for. The most exciting part about this system is that it eliminates the need to have separate headphones for different uses: DJing, studio, and casual listening. Producers that already own the TMA-1 Studio but want the look and feel of the Young Guru’s don’t have to choose anymore.

Depending on the setting and environment users can simply swap the parts. Doing some production work? Use the “Warm” speaker unit for full, rich sound and PU leather headband for maximum comfort. Time to DJ? Keep the headband and swap the speaker unit to “Punchy” for clear and punchy bass. The modular system opens up the possibility for new components as time goes on, if AIAIA took this approach DJs could easily upgrade a couple new parts rather than needing to buy a whole new pair of cans. DJTT got a chance to speak with AIAIAI and they also mentioned that this modular system will make limited editions and collaborations easier. Fools Gold headband and cables? Yes please!

4 Presets Configurations


AIAIAI is giving DJs/producers the option to buy the parts separately and build the headphone from scratch or choose from 4 popular preset configurations:

  • All-round Preset ($145): This preset has been configured with the all-round S01 speaker unit, which delivers a balanced sound representation suitable for all music genres. The combination of the light and sturdy H01 headband and the E01 on-ear microfiber earpads results in an open sound representation, and a slim, lightweight design, suitable for both on-the-go situations and home listening.
  • DJ Preset ($200): This preset has been configured with the titanium-coated S02 speaker unit that delivers a punchy and intense sound representation, focusing on bass and low end dynamics. The combination of the durable H02 nylon headband and the E02 on-ear PU leather earpads, which provides high isolation, results in a powerful, sturdy headphone suitable for live performance and electronic/bass heavy music
  • Studio Preset ($225): This preset has been configured with the fully sealed titanium coated S03 speaker unit, which delivers a full and rich sound representation. The combination of the comfortable H03 nylon headband and the E04 over-ear PU leather earpad that provide high isolation and comfort, results in a high-quality headphone with a wide and detailed soundstage suitable for studio use and long listening sessions.
  • Young Guru Preset ($260): Developed in collaboration with the Grammy-winning sound engineer Young Guru, this preset has been configured with a powerful, high-sensitivity neodymium S04 speaker unit that delivers a vibrant and detailed sound representation. The combination of the comfortable H71 nylon headband and the E05 over-ear microfiber earpads, results in a wide soundstage and excellent comfort.

Of course the preset components can still be swapped out with new parts at anytime. These presets packages are what customers will find in retail stores. The TMA-2 Modular is the first of it’s kind and we’re extremely excited about the future possibilities with this flexible system.

Start customizing your own pair of TMA-2’s at

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