Google Chrome Adds MIDI Support for Cloud Producers

Apps are moving to the cloud – and we’ve seen a surge of powerful production tools that have cropped up around the web. These online tools are finally gaining some legitimacy and versatility with the latest Google Chrome update which adds MIDI support through the browser. This update will allow anyone with MIDI controller, from a MPC to a Midi Fighter 3D, to turn a website into a virtual instrument.

Cloud-Based Producing

The update in Google Chrome will allow the browser to scan for a MIDI device connected to the user’s computer and use that information to playback notes on a web-based synth. There aren’t a lot of these synths out right now, but the potential is clear in Chris Wilson’s Web MIDI application (loosely based off the Moog Prodigy synthesizer).

Only a handful of online production apps support MIDI input now, however there will most definitely be more to come in the future. A broad speculator might even suggest that there may be sites where synths and VSTs can be accessed anywhere there is a solid internet connection. What if a producer could use a Komplete instrument by just logging on to NI’s website and then record the audio using Soundflower , without a DAW? This update is still very new and it will take sometime before we get to that stage. Yet, cloud producing might just be another common tool for producers to add to their musical arsenal.

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