Turn Your Maschine Into A TR-8 Style Drum Machine

There’s a massive community of producers who use the Native Instruments Maschine software/hardware combo to craft beats and perform live. Today we want to highlight one awesome tool created by the crew over at PadBangers that allows you to use Maschine like a traditional drum machine (inspired by workflows on the Roland TR-8 and DSI Tempest).

The video below gives you a full walkthrough overview of the potential behind the template (start at about 1:30 for the good stuff) – using 6 Drum Synths, a Riser effect, and a Bass synth. You’ll need Massive for the synth. The instruments are broken up by the Group buttons, and each group sequences a specific sound. There’s also Macro FX for each group, which you can also write automation to as expected.

The template is called (appropriately) DrumMaschine, and is a free download available here.

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