What Was The All-In-One Setup Every DJ Wanted In 1975?

There were way less DJs in the 1970s, unlike the explosion of DJs in the last five to ten years, but there still was plenty of gear to be lusting after back then. Interestingly a popular movement at the time was to combine all of the gear into one master combined all-in-one device. Sound familiar?

Image via user goawaywhatsapp on Reddit’s /r/DJs

The Squire Stateline was one of quite a few integrated all-in-one “DJ consoles”, which incorporated two turntables, a tape player, and an on-console mixer.

A lot of old-school DJs will scoff at the notion that these consoles were really that highly desired. The turntables themselves were often belt-driven – and with the first Technics SL-1200 having come out in 1972, there was soon to be no excuse for mixing on a sloppier belt-drive.

Here’s a few more Citronic console units, shared and identified by user Muckerbarnes1 on the Speakerplans.com forums:

Want to see one of these consoles in action? Youtube’s Ellaskins put up this video of him doing 10 minutes on a Citronic Tamar:

Anyone ever had a mix on one of these? Let’s hear your experiences in the comments below! 

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