Watch Vekked’s Incredible DMC Online Routine: PDX-3000, Monty Python and Sega

One of the best things the DMC DJ Championships has ever done was open up their competition to online submissions and allow DJs to use a wider range of tools in the Online competition than just simply two turntables and a mixer. We’d always enjoyed routines from talented DJ Vekked, and this one is not to be missed.

We enjoyed this routine so much because of the breadth of samples and techniques used in the video. If you don’t make it to the Sega section, hit play again right now and watch the whole thing.

Vekked shared a bit more insight on Reddit’s /r/DJs community. On controlling the speed of the turntable:

“PDX 3000 has a MIDI input that auto maps to a midi keyboard to control the platter speed in semitone increments… most under-rated feature of all time, even for just harmoic mixing it would be ridic helpful, you have nearly 4 octaves total I believe”

On how long it took to record the routine:

“That’s how I was after doing sooo many takes and working so hard on it. I haven’t done anything else for like 2 months and I did over 25 hours of recording to get this take (which wasn’t even perfect), so I really put a piece of my soul into this one”

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