Pioneer’s DDJ-SB2: $249 Serato Controller for New DJs

Pioneer came out with the DDJ-SB last January to give new beginner DJs a controller for Serato DJ Intro and now Pioneer is cracking open a slightly lower price point with the newly updated DDJ-SB2. The new DDJ-SB2 starts out with a MSRP of $249, and boasts all the features of the DDJ-SB with newly added four deck controls, a quantized Pad Trans beat effect, and a brighter display with added VU meters.

Upon a first glance there is not much differing in the SB2 from the SB. However, the new deck controls, quantized Pad Trans beat effect, and trim controls are the noticeable controls along with the brighter display. The deck controls allow DJs to easily switch between 2 decks and 4 decks without the need of advanced mappings which is greatly beneficial to DJs who are just starting out.


The on-jog displays also make the SB2 feel more like a proper Pioneer controller and less like a budget-conscious unit.

DDJ-SB2 Full Feature List:

  • USB powered
  • Combo HP/LP filter for each channel.
  • Hot Cue, Auto Loop, Manual Loop and Sampler modes
  • Dedicated Serato software FX Control
  • Single Mic Input (1/4” jack)
  • Master RCA output
  • Both 1/4” and 1/8” mini jack headphone outs
  • Full MIDI Support with MIDI Out
  • High resolution, touch sensitive jog wheels
  • The popular Filter Fade control that adds two high pass filters to the crossfader

DDJ-SB2 vs DDJ-SB; New Features 

  • A Brighter Display
  • Improved Button Layout
  • 4 Deck controls
  • Pad Trans beat effect to cut volume of a track in time with the BPM using the performance pads

The DDJ-SB2 will be out in September 2015 with a suggested price point of $285 which includes a license for Serato DJ Intro. Get your own from the DJ Techtools Shop!

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