Recording on DJM-900 + Traktor: How To Quickly Record Your Set

Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus doesn’t have a straightforward option for recording directly through the soundcard – a killer feature that for now is limited to the XDJ-RX. But with a few quick clicks in Pioneer’s utility as well as audio routing settings in Traktor, you can record your live set without the need of a second sound card, or additional gear, or recording devices. Read on for the full tutorial!

Using the 900 Nexus as your soundcard as well as recording source does cause some limitations. As it stands, the record channel cannot be independently setup, so you lose one of your four channels on the mixer to be able to record.

So for those of you who use all for decks both in Traktor and on the mixer, you may experiment with some MIDI mapping options, or deal with two audio channels coming out a single, or just remember to bring your pocket recorder anytime you think you’ll want to record a set. For DJs just using 2 or 3 decks to mix this will be a straight forward setup.

Recording On DJM-900 Key Points:

  • Setup audio routing in the 900 Nexus Settings Utility first before setting audio routing in Traktor.
  • Input setting for your recording deck in Traktor’s preferences, best to use the Input FX Send
  • Avoid feedback during recording by not setting any output routing to channel 4 in Traktor Preferences.
  • Master must be turned up to send a signal to Traktor’s internal recorder

We keep getting more requests for content on Pioneer mixers – but if you want a tutorial on anything digital DJ related, please let us know in the comments or here on our Uservoice – we read every comment and consider them all! 

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