Rekordbox 4.0 Out Now; Rekordbox DJ Performance Pack 30-Day Trial

We’ve just finished shooting a hands-on video with the new DDJ-RX and Rekordbox 4.0 – but if you want a taste of the newest DJ software in the industry, now is the change. The new version of Rekordbox has been released, and with it a brand new Performance download that unlocks the DJ software element of it. Keep reading for quick overview – with a full video coming out on Monday!

Rekordbox DJ Plus Pack

The naming of Pioneer’s DJ software is still a bit up in the air – sometimes it’s as simple as “the performance pack” and other times it’s “Rekordbox DJ” – but either way it’s a powerful tool that’s taken some of the most fun elements of DJing on Pioneer gear, and combined them with innovations we’ve seen in other softwares over the last few years to build a solid platform to grow on.

Right now the software is compatible with the DDJ-S line (DDJ-SX2, -SX, -SR, -SB, -SZ, and DDJ-WeGo3) as well as the forthcoming DDJ-RX and -RZ, which have a few additional controls that are Rekordbox focused.

For us, most exciting features in Rekordbox DJ include:

  • Related tracks: Similar to Traktor DJ on iOS, but in RDJ you can dial in exactly the parameters that it chooses the tracks on – match by compatible Key, Tempo, recency of download, similar tags, and more)
  • Slicer-to-Sample: Not only is there a full-fledged Slicer – but you can drop the contents of the slicer into the 16-slot sampler and play it back – which is especially powerful combined with…
  • Sampler sequencer: Set a quantization rate (or leave it freeform) and then record your samples in time with the track – it feels very similar to the RMX’s sample functionality but much more expanded
  • Release FX: Speaking of the RMX line, the fun “ejector seat” of FX that the RMX-1000 first introduced has made an appearance in the software. Put a release effect (echo, back spin, etc) on the end of an effects chain or on your Pad FX to turn off your FX with a flourish.
  • Pad FX: Seemingly inspired by the classic Midi Fighter Instant Gratification mapping, the FX triggers on performance pads allows quick effecting of your tracks – and you can edit the FX and rate in the software and add additional pages of Pad FX to access.

Rekordbox 4.1? What’s Coming Next

We’ve learned of a few things on the “coming soon” roadmap for Rekordbox DJ – including:

  • DVS control (this will be another paid pack)
  • HID control with CDJs (free)
  • Additional FX (we’re guessing these also could be paid, a la Serato DJ)
  • Custom MIDI control

Interestingly, we’ve done a bit of backend poking around and found out that the mappings for Rekordbox DJ are stored in .CSV files – perhaps a bit of DIY MIDI mapping isn’t too far off for adventurous DJ Techtools readers!

Rekordbox 4.0 is available to download for free here – and there’s a 30 day free trial of the new performance / DJ features. Get to it and let us know what you think so far in the comments! 

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