XDJ-700: Pioneer’s $699 Touchscreen Compact Player

We speculated that Pioneer would release a new media player in their XDJ line soon. But instead of an XDJ-2000, the DJ manufacturer is going the opposite direction and making a lower-cost digital player for the masses, the XDJ-700. See the full announcement and features inside, as well as how it sizes up along other similar players.

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Introducing The XDJ-700

The truth is that much of the XDJ-700’s features appear to be right in line with the XDJ-1000 – which makes a lot of sense as many of the 1000’s features were touchscreen/onboard software-based.

  •  7-inch full color touch screen: View waveforms, browse tracks, search with a QWERTY keyboard and more.
  • Pro DJ performance features: Autoloops, hot cues, quantize, beat sync, and Slip mode
  • Rekordbox compatible: All the analysis done in Rekordbox will mean your tracks can show waveforms in full, beat countdown to cue, phase meter, and key-analysis traffic light coloring.
  • Pro DJ Link: Connect to any other player to share tracks across them – up to four other players or laptops.
  • USB HID control of Rekordbox DJ: We haven’t heard about HID control for any other software – but we’re not surprised now that Rekordbox DJ is out.

XDJ-700 Size Comparison

XDJ-700 (left) compared to XDJ-1000 (center) and CDJ-2000nexus (right) - roughly to scale
XDJ-700 (left) compared to XDJ-1000 (center) and CDJ-2000nexus (right) – roughly to scale

One of the biggest differences in the XDJ-700 is its size. The jogwheel particularly has been knocked down to a smaller size, without an onboard display.


There’s also the question of height – and Pioneer has helped bring the XDJ-700 up to a standard mixer height by including a removable stand. That being said, the 700 is Pioneer’s slimmest player yet – so the unit seems more ideal for smaller spaces, home studios, and DJ booths without a lot of space.


Download a quick-and-easy comparison PDF between XDJ-700, XDJ-1000, and CDJ-2000NXS players! Free to DJTT members (just an email required).

What’s missing on XDJ-700 vs XDJ-1000?

Aside from a full-sized platter, you’ll also notice that there’s no Reverse/Track Direction button on the player, as well as no Vinyl Speed Adjust.

Neither of the XDJ players have Digital Out on the back – just RCA and Pro Link. To get Digital Out, it’s necessary for now to get a CDJ-2000nexus, but we expect we might see an XDJ replacement before too long.


The XDJ-700 is now in the DJTT store with a retail price of $697. Get yours here!

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