Best of 2015: Top DJ Tutorials, Videos, Articles

We’ve hit another end-of-year as of tomorrow night, and for those of you who aren’t slammed prepping for your NYE DJ gigs, it’s a great time to reflect on 2015. At DJTT we’ve had an incredibly great year – check out some of the most popular videos and articles we’ve published since January in this Best of 2015 roundup!

Best of 2015: Articles

We had a landmark year on the DJTT blog this year, with a diverse set of contributors and articles. We’re constantly continuing to expand the editorial team. Are you an experienced DJ, good at teaching others, have experience writing for publication, and want to be a DJTT writer? Reach out to Have a good idea for an article? Submit it here on our UserVoice page.

Why New DJs Should Start On Vinyl


Author: Markos Polydorou
Why It Was A Big Deal: There’s loads of vinyl purists out there who love to claim that DJing with wax is the superior art form, but usually those conversations don’t get any further beyond “real DJs use vinyl.” What they fail to cover is why DJing on vinyl is an important skill. Markos did a great job of explaining what makes it a critical learning tool for new DJs.

Why You Won’t Be DJing With The New MacBook


Author: Dan White
Why It Was A Big Deal: At the time, the slimming down of a laptop to just one USB-C port and the continued discontinuation of replaceable parts on a computer seemed like a horrible call for a DJ computer. Considering the Macbook is one of the most common go-to DJ laptops, a major change in the lineup caused a bit of a stir in the market, making it one of the most-shared DJTT posts of 2015.

There’s pretty good reason to believe that DJs of the future might avoid the laptop all together. That being said, why limit yourself and buy a laptop that requires a new peripheral to even try out a new way of DJing? We’re interested to see what the new year brings for Apple laptop products – will the new Macbook Pro be slimmed down on ports as well? Stay tuned as MacRumors indicates that new announcements should be coming soon.

Digital Crates: What Are The Best Flash Drives for DJs?


Author: Dean Zulueta
Why It Was A Big Deal: As mentioned above, more DJs are relying on non-laptop DJ gear – and we expect to see more in that direction in less than a month at NAMM. Dean’s article covered what elements of a USB flash drive are essential to shop for. Of course, in a few years everyone might be DJing on lossless files, so maybe buy a larger USB drive than you think you would ever need.

What Gear Do Top Producers Use?


Author: Ross Difuria
Why It Was A Big Deal: We love showing you behind-the-scenes details of what different DJs and live performers use when they’re playing out – but it’s not always obvious what major producers are using in the studio. Ross’ article attempted to shed some light on the most popular DAWs, synths, and unique setups that producers like Flume, Disclosure, Wolfgang Gartner, Camo and Krooked, and others use.

Ableton 10 Details Leaked: Olfactory Synthesis


Author: Dan White
Date: April 1st, 2015
Why It Was A Big Deal: 
Because there was no way Ableton would ever release a smell-based sequencer/synthesizer, but wouldn’t that just be amazing? Also this might have been DJTT’s first-ever April Fool’s joke article.

Best of 2015: Videos + Interviews

We also had some great videos and interviews this year – watch our most viewed below:

 Best Of 2015: Top Instagram Shots

Finally, there were some major wins on our Instagram this year, tons of incredible shots from our eyes and shared with us from the DJTT community. We’ve embedded the (quickly becoming played out) #2015bestnine post below, but really you ought to just follow us on Instagram.

Some choice wins for #2015bestnine! We had 306,254 likes on 360 posts in 2015, so rad! #dj #djlife

A photo posted by DJ TechTools (@djtechtools) on

How did your 2015 go? What new gear did you lust over, or what did you learn to do that made a big difference in your DJ life? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll feature the best stories and successes! 

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