STP Vestax: “Phoenix” Mixer To Relaunch Vestax?

DJs have been wondering what happened to Vestax after their unfortunate bankruptcy in 2014 – and now we’ve seen the first signs of life from the company in the form of a new website, First shared by turntablist Shortkut on Facebook, we’ve seen rumblings from around the web indicating that STP Vestax could be the real thing. Read on for our analysis and speculation.

Technics back…now this…..have we spoke too soon??

Posted by Jonathan Cruz on Sunday, January 10, 2016 – Is It Real?

The header from
The header from

Ok, it’s a pretty basic placeholder website. What makes this worth posting and getting excited about? First up, the STP stands for something very important – Shiino Technology Products. This is a reference to the founder of Vestax, Hidesato Shiino, and the company’s original name, Shiino Musical Instruments.

At the same time, a bit more legitimacy came through over on Reddit’s /r/DJs, when a user looked up the domain and found that it was registered via a Japanese domain purchaser. It’s not a smoking gun – but at least we know that the website was purchased by someone who speaks Japanese (Vestax was a Japanese company).

One final note on legitimacy – it’s the right time of year for a new project to emerge. NAMM starts in just two and a half weeks, and new from Vestax would be the icing on the cake.

STP Vestax’s Phoenix Mixer With Analog VU Meters?

Vestax STP Mixer

Full credit to Mark over at DJ Worx for first noticing it – there are actually two image files that we’ve found hosted at STPVestax so far. First is the black black-and-white image that shows a set of VU Meters across a mixer found on the site – but the second one that Mark found is the same image but in color:


This appears to be a real product rendering – It’s not that impressive, but you can deduce that you’re looking at a four channel mixer (the file is called mixer_001.jpg). At the very top of the image is a small bit of text that looks like it says “DJ”, and a set of buttons on either side – and then each channel has an input selector:

Phoenix Mixer

There’s one final interesting bit of evidence that was posted over on a Yahoo Japan blog. The translation is pretty rough, but it seems like there’s a bit more info to be had:

“A project that began with the under surface of the water from the spring of last year,
First of all, all genres of table top type 4CH- DJ mixer, model “Phoenix”.

Equipped with a VU meter, composed of a discrete circuit, it is monstrous mixer.

Probably in the spring-summer, it becomes sale, price is, about ¥ 400,000.
made in Japan.”

Does it feel too good to be true? At this stage it might be too early to call if STP Vestax is the real deal. That being said, it would be a fantastic NAMM if we got to see new gear emerge from the former Vestax team! 

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