Ean Golden Stems Mix + Walkthrough Video

To celebrate this week’s announcement of Traktor Pro 2.10.1 – which included the ability to map and view Stems – Ean has put together a dynamic 15 minute mix using Stems, two Kontrol X1s, a Kontrol F1, a Midi Fighter Twister, and a guitar player. Watch the full mix inside and get an exclusive behind-the-performance talkthrough.

Ean Golden Stems Mix (+ Guitar!)

TRAKTOR STEM Remix with Live Guitars

Posted by Ean Golden on Friday, February 26, 2016

Behing the Mix Walkthrough

Want to get a sense of exactly how Ean mapped all of the controllers and LEDs to Stems and FX? We’ve put together an in-depth walkthrough video where he shows off exactly how everything works:

  • Each Kontrol X1 controls two decks (A/B and C/D), split down the middle.
  • The top eight X1 knobs control the Stems – they are arranged in inverse order from the Traktor UI (Vocals on top, drums on the bottom)
  • The Kontrol F1 is acting as a four-channel mixer – with VU meters for the Stems visible on the pads
  • The Midi Fighter Twister is running the new Twisted Gratification mapping – allowing Ean to put expressive effects on any one of the individual Stem Decks that is playing.

I was wondering what a full mix would sound like with only stems, and what new opportunities it might provide from a creative standpoint. This was a lot of fun to make because it allowed me to replace every song’s drums with a very consistent groove that glued the entire mix together. It was also possible to strip away lead parts, which created fresh room for a guitarist to step in and improvise.  Both of these things combined to create a very original sounding mix that was almost more remixing than playing a traditional set.   – Ean Golden

Listen To The Full Mix

Ean’s also put out the complete recording of this Stems mix, listen to it below in the Soundcloud Player:

Want to learn more about how Stems work? Read about the new update to Traktor here. 

Want to check out the Midi Fighter Twisted Gratification Mapping? Watch it in action here.

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