V-Case: Gemini Builds Music Management Software For Their Players

Gemini has been making DJ hardware since the very beginning, but in the digital DJ age, their controllers and hardware have largely been overshadowed by industry giants like Pioneer, Numark, Native Instruments, and Denon. Recently they launched V-Case, new music management software for their low-cost MDJ-1000 media player. Read on for the details.

V-Case: Designed For The MDJ-1000

At $389 in the US, the Gemini MDJ-1000 is one of the lowest cost CDJ-equivalents on the market. It’s a standalone media player that was first announced back at NAMM 2015. It’s a fairly simple media player – with basic loops, hot cues, waveform display, etc. But there hasn’t been a good way to prep tracks for this unit before putting a USB key into the slot, so Gemini built V-Case.

Here’s an overview video of how it works:

We also suspect that V-Case will become the software that DJs will use to prepare tracks for the SDJ-2000, a standalone complete DJ setup that’s similar to Pioneer’s XDJ-RX – but there’s no official confirmation of that yet.

It’s also not too far-fetched to believe that Gemini would like to go the same direction as Pioneer did – expanding V-Case eventually to become a full featured DJ software that works with all of their hardware, both standalone and MIDI controllers.

Read more about Gemini’s new music management software on the official V-Case product page here

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