Serato DJ 1.9.2 Public Beta: Smart Subcrates, Subscription Plans

Serato has launched a brand new public beta, Serato DJ 1.9.2, which for an incremental release offers a decent handful of new features and other interface/usability changes that DJs will find useful. Keep reading for the details.

As with all Public Beta releases that Serato DJ has, this release is not a final version and shouldn’t be used for important gigs until you’ve tested it thoroughly on your own equipment. 

Serato DJ 1.9.2 Public Beta Features

We’ll post the full change log below, but there are a few features that we wanted to highlight here first:

  • Smart Crates as Subcrates: This must be a common request – because it’s a no-brainer way for a DJ library to work. Instead of just having top-level Smart Crates (which automatically update to include tracks with certain attributes that you define – key, bpm, etc), now subcrates can be Smart Crates. If you have a big crate of all of your 80s music, and you want to add a subcrate that pulls out only certain types of tracks, it’s now possible.
  • Secondary Library Sort: Instead of just sorting your library by key, wouldn’t it be nice to sort your library by BPM within that key? Control/Command-click a column and it’ll act as the secondary sorting order for your library/crates.
  • Saved Loop Names: Now you can name saved loops, just like you could with cue points.


  • Serato DJ Subscription: Yes, to keep up with how Pioneer DJ is treating Rekordbox DJ, it looks like Serato DJ will now have subscription plans to allow DJs to try out the software or the various expansion packs like Serato Video, Pitch ‘n Time DJ, etc. There will be three different tiers – but of course you can keep using Serato how you already are:
    1. Serato DJ / DVS (Serato DJ license and DVS Expansion pack) $9.99/month
    2. Expansion Packs (DVS, Flip, Pitch ‘n Time DJ, Video, Back Pack FX, Chip Pack FX and Jet Pack FX) $9.99/month
    3. Serato DJ Suite (Serato DJ / DVS, and all Expansion Packs)  $14.99/month

To see the rest of the major changes and bug fixes in this new beta, as well as to sign up for and download the public beta, check out this thread on the Serato DJ forums.

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